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Hennessy Debuts Stylish Shorts Featuring Damson Idris and Teyana Taylor

Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, BrandStorytelling

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In a bid to redefine its brand image and capture the essence of its versatility, Hennessy, the renowned cognac distiller, has embarked on a new campaign titled 'Made for more'. The campaign, featuring a series of micro films directed by award-winning director Andreas Nilsson, with visuals shot by the esteemed fashion photographer Micaiah Carter, aims to showcase the varied possibilities that Hennessy offers in mixology while introducing a fresh visual narrative to the brand.

With a star-studded lineup including multi-talented personalities like Teyana Taylor and Damson Idris, the campaign sets out to challenge existing perceptions of Hennessy and illuminate its versatility in cocktail culture. Julie Nollet, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Hennessy, emphasized the campaign's mission to unveil the multifaceted nature of the brand, stating, "Our new 'Made for more' campaign is bringing to life this notion of 1+1=3, showcasing the unlimited possibilities and introducing another side of the brand with beauty, fun, and open-mindedness."

Hennessy's strategic partnership with cultural icons such as Taylor and Idris underscores the brand's commitment to connecting with a diverse audience. Both Taylor and Idris effortlessly embody the spirit of the campaign, infusing their unique styles and personas into the quirky narratives played out in the films. Taylor, known for her versatility as an actress, singer, songwriter, and dancer, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, "I'm super excited to embark upon this journey with my favorite Cognac, Hennessy." Idris, recognized for his compelling performances in TV shows like Snowfall, brings charm and wit to the campaign, exuding an effortless level of cool that anchors the films in which he appears.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of shorts directed by Andreas Nilsson, who is known for his iconic ads and music videos. Nilsson's cinematic approach captures the energy of Taylor and Idris, foregoing dialogue in favor of charismatically charged wordless performances as they infuse Hennessy twists into classic cocktails like the margarita and mojito. Nilsson remarks on the artistic synergy between the stars and the brand, stating, "Damson Idris and Teyana Taylor are two artists who are exploding at the moment, and I wanted to make sure we captured their essence." The shorts will be implemented as part of a 360 degree campaign, with additional cuts at five and fifteen seconds being broken out for use on social and other digital platforms.

Complementing Nilsson's stylish visuals are the equally stylish photographs captured by Micaiah Carter, whose expertise in fashion and street photography elevate the campaign's visual narrative. Carter, reflecting on the collaboration, expressed his honor in bringing the campaign's vision to life and creating immersive worlds that blend culture with the essence of Hennessy.

The 'Made for more' campaign, launched globally on April 8th, will additionally be featured in activations for the brand, beginning with the Dreamville Festival curated by J. Cole. With dedicated spaces in cities worldwide, the campaign aims to engage audiences with its updated approach to storytelling and brand representation.

Hennessy's collaboration with award-winning talent, coupled with its stylish approach to brand storytelling and filmmaking, positions 'Made for more' as an enjoyable campaign that marks a change in Hennessy's presentation of its own narrative. Through its fusion of artistry, culture, and mixology, Hennessy continues to draw in its audience with its familiar sense of 'cool' while simultaneously updating it with elevated films, photography, and fashion.



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