Complex Brand Storytelling with Intel and Intuitive

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, August 26th at 1:00PM PST


Authentic brand storytelling is really hard. The best stories are often deep, nuanced, emotional journeys that can’t be told in a 30-second ad. So how can your complex story compete in a world of TikTok, influencers, and short attention spans? How can you break through the wall of noise and captivate an audience in a meaningful way?

Intel and Intuitive are two brands that have cracked the code. Join Intel’s Brett Lyons, and Intuitive’s Sharon Patin and Ben Hess as we discuss their experiences in finding and telling remarkable stories in high-tech industries. In addition to the brands, we’ll have Freethink directors Mike Wood and Taylor Hamilton on to discuss the challenges that come with crafting an emotional story around a complex topic.

This session will be a Sundance-style film screening and interview. Please watch the films before attending the session. Then come prepared for a panel discussion as well as audience Q&A. Here are the films we’ll be discussing:

Robotic Surgery Unlocks a New Era of Medicine (Intuitive)

The Future of Cancer Research (Intel, Webby Award Winner)


Hosted by

Ty Braswell


Creative Digital Strategies

Ty’s career has been an eclectic journey working with a wide variety of startups and Fortune 100 companies to generate new revenue streams that build digital businesses. His passion is bringing together creatives, tech folks and business development execs to collaborate in a cohesive environment that creates vanguard innovative products and cutting-edge campaigns.


Brett Lyons