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Children's Learning Company KiwiCo Launch Kids Game Show

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KiwiCo, the brand that brings enriching, purposeful play to life with hands-on, kid-tested products and activities, announces the launch of “Innovators of Awesome,” with creative and production partnership from creative agency Conscious Minds. In line with the KiwiCo’s mission to celebrate kids' innovative spirit and inspire young minds everywhere, “Innovators of Awesome” is a mini game series where three kids embark on fun, hands-on activities and engineer larger-than-life versions of iconic KiwiCo projects, which are designed to introduce kids to the core traits of an innovator. Each contestant is competing for a chance to win a $25,000 scholarship and the opportunity to help design their very own KiwiCo crate.

KiwiCo and Conscious Minds worked together to translate KiwiCo’s mission into a four-part game show where kids work together to solve problems using the crate’s tools. Facing increasingly complex creative challenges and alternatively working in tandem or against each other, “Innovators of Awesome” removes all the Hollywood magic; the real magic is watching these kid competitors using the skills and tools needed to invent a future of their design. Hosted by content creator and scientist Dr. Stephanie Castillo, the first three episodes premiered last week on KiwiCo’s YouTube channel, and the finale episode and winner will be revealed on Nov 2.

Blake Heal, founder and executive producer at Conscious Minds, shares, “I’m super excited to be a part of this because these kids are innovators, and they pushed us as adults to innovate and made us think beyond what’s possible in making this world come to life. It felt really cool to uphold the values of KiwiCo and how they see the world, which inspired us to do incredible things ourselves. This is the honest manifestation of innovation.”

“At KiwiCo, our goal is to empower young minds to discover and understand the world around them – one awesome idea at a time. Our new Innovators of Awesome series is the natural extension of our mission,” said Sandra Oh Lin, Founder & CEO, KiwiCo. “The outcome was truly remarkable, and alongside Conscious Minds, we developed an immersive experience that not only showcases the ingenuity of our young innovators, but also serves as a source of inspiration for those tuning in.”

Known for human-centered storytelling, creative agency Conscious Minds works with brands to amplify their voice beyond traditional platforms. Their past collaborations include launching Apple Pay’s first Creator Campaign, creating Nike’s longest running YouTube show “Playlist”, and Jack-in-the-Box Curly Fry Studios.


About KiwiCo

KiwiCo is a children’s learning company that provides fun hands-on experiences that spark curiosity and discovery for kids of every age and interest. KiwiCo supports families raising confident kids who ask questions, create change, and envision a better world. Its products encourage purposeful play with enriching content and projects that unleash learning and promote self expression. More than 50 million KiwiCo signature crates have been delivered to more than 40 countries, including its best-selling subscriptions like Panda Crate (early childhood development), Tinker Crate (STEM projects) and Kiwi Crate (STEAM projects). Founded in 2011 by Sandra Oh Lin, mother of three and engineer, KiwiCo activities and content are created by an in-house team of designers, top engineers and kid testers to promote creative problem solving and, most importantly, fun. For more information on KiwiCo, visit:


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