Charles Schwab's Secret to Filmmaking

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, July 29th at 1:00PM PST

Charles Schwab's Kirstin Falk (Managing Director, Brand Activation) and Breakwater Studios' Ben Proudfoot (Director & CEO) have produced a watershed of award-winning short documentaries together for over five years. Join us as they speak about their collaboration for the first time.

Starting in 2015, Kirstin and Ben have successfully formed that unique relationship — the brand to filmmaker bond that produces results. Listen as they take you through their earliest documentary collaborations (through two layers of intermediary agencies), as results, data and awards germinated internal buy-in, culminating recently in an internet video turned national television campaign starring Charles "Chuck" Schwab himself.

Moderated by Sub-Genre's Brian Newman, Kirstin and Ben will discuss the key elements that make their partnership tick, and take a deep dive into the award-winning May Day documentary and surrounding campaign starring the company's founder — unprecedented in the company's history.

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Hosted by

Brian Newman


Sub-Genre Brian Newman consults on content development, distribution and marketing to help connect brands with filmmakers with audiences. Clients include: Patagonia, REI, IBM, Yeti Coolers, New York Times, Shopify Studios, Stripe, Unilever, and Zero Point Zero. Brian is the producer of The Outside Story (Tribeca Film Festival, 2020), and Love & Taxes, and executive producer of Shored Up. Brian has served as CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute, and is the founder of the Brand/Foundation Alliance.


Ben Proudfoot

Founder & CEO

Breakwater Studios

Ben Proudfoot is the creative force behind Breakwater Studios, an award-winning film production company based in Los Angeles. The studio is headquartered in the Los Feliz building where Walt Disney started his company in 1923. Proudfoot gets his inspiration from the master of dreamers and aims to build a new studio model that replicates the mastery and quality of Disney productions while incorporating the brand vision of companies looking to engage with forward-thinking consumers.