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BrandStorytelling Theater Discussions: Future of Farming | The Climate Pledge

Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, Brand Storytelling

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Unprecedented heavy rains (a consequence of extreme weather caused by climate change) can take inches off of topsoil in minutes, destroying a farmer’s harvest, threatening their livelihood and impacting the quality of their soil for generations to come. Also impacted are the companies that rely on these farmers to source local ingredients for their products. As a Climate Pledge signatory, Unilever is tackling this complex challenge head-on by partnering with Practical Farmers of Iowa to protect and improve soil through regenerative farming practices. But can they convince often risk-averse farmers across the state and beyond?

In this conversation, moderator Brian Newman sits down to examine one of six episodes of Future Forward - a series spotlighting multiple brands in partnership with Amazon's The Climate Pledge making a corporate-level effort to rectify and reduce the impacts of climate change. In this conversation with Amazon's Hilary Sparrow, Unilever's Stefani Millie Grant, Sarah Carlson of Practical Farmers of Iowa, and episode director Laura Checkoway, discussion revolves around all that goes into not only producing a single episode of this series, but the larger implication of the impact series and how corporations are getting involved.

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