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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: The Future of Production

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, May 13th at 2:00PM PST

As we jointly sit at home in quarantine watching Brands have a go at COVID-19 content and commercials - storytellers (brands) and producers are itching to get back to work. But the question is HOW? What do our new sets look like? What are our limitations with productions - for both a brand and producers pov? How can we work together to provide best practice tips?

The good news is this: Brands want and need to reframe who they are and what they mean to to the world right now. And when the stay at home orders are lifted, they will likely want to get back on set.

Let’s have a panel discussion on “getting back to production” and what the new model will look like moving forward.

Haley Geffen, Director & Co-Founder at Co_ed Studios, leads a panel with Nick Dodet Co-Founder + Managing Partner of P.I.G China and Kris Walter, Director of Production and Content Development at PVH Corp.

With. P.I.G. China already starting production in Shanghai, the audience will gain incredible insight into what our future of shooting will be like in the US during social distancing. We will discuss what China’s production companies are doing to stay safe and how we we will adapt. From the brand side, Kris Walter will represent what this looks like from the perspective of a major brand, how they’ve adjusted and what their needs will be when the curve successfully flattens and it’s time to create.


Hosted by

Haley Geffen

Filmmaker + Co-Founder

Haley Geffen is a six-time Emmy award winner, branded content specialist and live action director and filmmaker. She is also co-founder of Co_ed Studios based in Brooklyn, NY. Haley supervises creative projects from inception through the final mix. She enjoys projects at every size. She’s produced Super Bowl Opens and Olympic campaigns plus six different Sunday Night Football Opens. Most recently, Haley directed a series of commercials for GEICO, a female filmmaker series for Vanity Fair & AT&T Hello Labs and the 2020 brand film campaign for NBC Universal. Haley’s directing work has been featured multiple times in Free the Work including the latest article on Motherhood and Directing and a University of Michigan profile that she’s abnormally proud of.


Nick Dodet

Co-Founder + Managing Partner

Nick Dodet is the co-founder and Managing Partner of P.I.G China, a multi-media creative house based in Shanghai. It was founded in 2005 with the purpose of delivering world-class work to the Chinese market. With sister companies in Los Angeles and Tokyo, P.I.G. China is bringing global talent to its local clients. Comprised of a fully bilingual team of Creatives and Producers, P.I.G. China has established itself as one of the leading multi-media outfits in China.

Kris Walter

Director of Production + Content

Kris Walter is Director of Production and Content for PVH Corp., overseeing top brands such as Izod, Nike, Speedo and Van Heusen. Over the course of his career, Kris has been called a producer, writer, director and executive producer. Prior to PVH, Kris was EP and Head of Production for bi-coastal production company, Bodega Studios, where he spent 2 years on the vendor side, working alongside a slew of worldwide brands. Before his stint at Bodega Kris spent 13 years living and breathing the MTV brands, overseeing all productions and content centered around the MTV Movie Awards. Kris’ awards include an Emmy and 4 Cannes Lions, among others.


Fantastic panel and moderator! Amazing to hear from people actually on the ground and working in Shanghai. Great ideas for opportunities and hope for the future of production. Thanks Haley Geffen, Nick Dodet and Kris Walter. When will the recording be available - I would love to share it. Will be turning in next Wednesday.

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