Brand Storytelling 2022 Brand Film Award Recipients

Jordan P. Kelley & Reilly Parkhill, Brand Storytelling

On March 9th, 2022, the Brand Storytelling Winter event closed with the presentation of several awards to films, brands, and filmmakers elected to participate in this year’s Brand Storytelling Brand Film Showcase. Awards for social justice, purpose and impact, brand value, best director, and a grand jury award were given to acknowledge the outstanding work created and presented in each of these designated categories. Here’s a closer look at the awards given:

WATCH | Social Justice Award: ‘Black Boys’ from P&G Old Spice & Never Whisper Justice

In the category of Social Justice, the film ‘Black Boys’ was awarded for its powerful position on spotlighting the biases and injustices faced by African American youth and men in all facets of their lives. Jon-Thomas Royston, CEO and Co-Founder of Never Whisper Justice, the organization creating disruptive social justice media, accepted the award on behalf of both the organization and the brand. The film stands out not only because it calls for real change in education, equity, and equality for its subjects, but because it supports those calls to action with the Frontlines of Justice e-learning platform and a pledge from Old Spice to improve high school graduation rates in marginalized schools by ten percent in the next eight years.

WATCH | Purpose & Impact Award: ‘Dear Santa’ from the United States Postal Service

In the category of Purpose & Impact, the film ‘Dear Santa’ was awarded for showcasing the Postal Service’s ‘Operation Santa’ program’s positive impact on customers and their communities. Brendan Gaul, Global Chief Content Officer of Mediabrands, accepted the award on behalf of the USPS. ‘Dear Santa’ demonstrates how a national brand can impact all the communities it reaches across the country by offering something tangible like the ‘Operation Santa’ program to each of those communities, regardless of locale, income, and resources.

WATCH | Brand Value Award: ‘Mira Rai: The Girl Who Runs on Happiness’ from Red Bull

In the category of Brand Value, the film ‘Way of the Wildcard, Mira Rai: The Girl Who Runs on Happiness’ was awarded for is exemplary ability to capture a story that simultaneously entertains and connects with the company’s values most prized by its consumers. Jono Stevens and Jonny Madderson, Co-Founders of JustSo, accepted the award as the film’s directors and on behalf of the brand. The film tells a story of triumph and overcoming immense obstacles in a way that is both familiar and new. The ideals at the center of the film are ideals shared strongly by the audience Red Bull intends to reach with all of its content, earning it the Brand Value Award.