A Conversation with Byron Allen and Entertainment Studios

Live on YouTube - Wednesday, November 18th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST


In 1993, Byron Allen founded his Los Angeles-based global media company, Entertainment Studios. Allen now owns one of the largest cable network portfolios in the industry, featuring ten, 24-hour HD television networks, The Weather Channel among them. The company continues to produce and distribute Emmy Award-winning and nominated shows, while also selling advertising for 67 broadcast and cable television programs. Entertainment Studios has one of the largest libraries of family and advertiser-friendly lifestyle content in the world. Further distinguishing Entertainment Studios is its status as the first African American owned multi-platform media studio producing and distributing wide-release motion pictures and content for all platforms.


Join us for a conversation with comedian, media mogul, activist, philanthropist, and storyteller Byron Allen, as he sits down to discuss the rise of Entertainment Studios in the face of the challenges that come with being a Black-owned media company.  Allen will be joined by CEO and Founder of Overture Global Donnovan Andrews and long-time Brand Storytelling Advisory Board Member Marc Battaglia to discuss How Entertainment Studios is innovating brand integration in an increasingly “non-interruptive” media ecosystem while working with brands and producers to create unique content opportunities.

Hosted By

Donnovan Andrews

CEO & Founder

Overture Global

With a wealth of experience in international tech, media, and advertising –and an expansive background of entre- and intrapreneurship– Donnovan decided to act on his passion to accelerate the traditional approaches to global humanitarianism: through innovation and collaboration.

In 2016, he founded Overture to leverage his connections, and to foster dialogue and partnerships, with the ultimate goal of encouraging development of technology solutions that will improve the lives of humankind.