Study Shows Consumers Prefer User Generated Content

Jukin Media, a global digital media company founded on the belief that the future of storytelling is user generated, has released results from a research study exploring the effectiveness of the use of organic user-generated video (UGC) in advertising. The study, conducted in partnership with The University of Southern California’s M.S. in Applied Psychology program, revealed that ads which utilize UGC were perceived as more memorable, unique, engaging, authentic, and relatable, than traditional video ads.

The study, which combined qualitative and quantitative analysis and featured in-depth interviews, focus groups, online listening, and an interactive survey, asked consumers across age groups and demographics to view various video advertisements -- both traditional ads and ads that incorporate UGC -- and report back on their perceptions of those ads across a number of measures.

With more than 500 US adults ages 18 and older participating, the study presents some eye-opening findings for advertisers:

- User-generated ads were perceived to be more memorable (31%), unique (+28%), authentic (11%), engaging (+5%), and relatable (+8%) than traditional ads

- Six-second user-generated ads were 55% more likely to be described as unique, and 42% more likely to be described as memorable when compared with traditional (or non-UGC) six-second ads

- Ads featuring UGC garner 73% more positive comments on social networks than traditional ads

- Among UGC ads, those that feature videos relevant to the advertised product scored significantly higher for positive affectivity in focus group participants

The following are real quotes from focus group participants:

- "They're more real instead of staged. Nobody put this together, it just happened."

- “It was good, different. The ad stuck with me."

- "Different than what I would normally see... it connected me with the brand."

- "It automatically makes you feel happy and puts you in a good mood."

”Capturing and harnessing real, authentic moments is incredibly powerful,” said Jukin Media Founder and CEO Jonathan Skogmo. “In recent years the advertising community has begun to embrace UGC for the authenticity that it lends to brand campaigns, but there was little hard data around its effectiveness. This study confirms what Jukin has been preaching to the advertising community for the last few years, that consumers respond favorably to seeing ads that incorporate stories of real people in real-life situations. You cannot re-manufacture these organic moments captured by everyday people.”