Meet the Advisors: Gabe Gordon of Reach Agency

Gabe Gordon, co-founder and managing partner of Reach Agency, has 15 years of global experience in content marketing building creative, integrated solutions for world-class brands such as General Motors, The NFL, Nestle, Walmart and PepsiCo. Of late, Reach is further cementing itself as a leading name in social and new media, having recently been named the lead agency for Nestle’s Butterfinger and Crunch candies, as well as adding new power players to their team. Brand Storytelling caught up with Gordon to talk about the agency’s agility, the key to developing integrated marketing for the social generation, and why he keeps coming back to Brand Storytelling at Sundance.


It was recently announced that you are working with Nestle Crunch and Butterfinger. In a recent article, one of the key differences cited about Reach was that the agency is “agile and collaborative” - what does that mean to you and to the agency?