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These 5 Brands are Winning at Roblox

Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, Brand Storytelling

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It’s been about a year since conversations around Roblox and brands took the trades by storm. Although the platform is nearly two decades old, its use got a major boost during the 2020 lockdown. By 2021, Roblox saw 40M daily active users flocking to its digital shores, a number that has only increased since. The success of brands like Chipotle and the NFL within Roblox exemplified the ways in which brands could naturally integrate themselves into the platform, and many others have followed suit in the year since, but why?

Often looked at as an indicator of the Metaverse to come, Roblox functions as an open world in which players can control avatars that take part in a wide range of things to do, including a huge host of games and activities. And while at first glance this open world may seem like it’s just for kids, Roblox has seen users of all ages take to the platform, even becoming one of the simplest modern ways for young parents to take part in play with their children. For brands, this signals opportunity for multi-generational reach in a way that exists like no place else.

Not only does Roblox afford brands the opportunity to reach multiple demographics at once, but it does so in a purely unique way. Brands within Roblox have the capacity to engage the imagination in ways that can’t be done with a print ad or video campaign. They offer engaging opportunities with concepts more creative than what could be realized in the real world and more accessible than brand activations limited to a single physical location. For brands who have found their stride in Roblox, creating brand affinity, loyalty, and lift, is as affordable, simple, and effective as ever.

Take a look at these five brands that are using Roblox to simultaneously foster audience emotion through joyful play and communicate brand aesthetics and ideals all at once:

NARS Cosmetics

NARS color quest is an immersive experience where players can quest to collect colors from the adventure-laden environment to add to their personal makeup palettes, which they can then use to modify, photograph, and post about their avatar.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Play presents an open world where players can bike around an exploded version of Brooklyn collecting coins to earn Tommy Hilfiger swag that their avatars can wear in-game. Tommy Play plans to expand their world to include additional NYC boroughs over time.


Gucci Town, a lush, beautiful environment that's meant to be a feast for the eyes, invites players to browse Gucci apparel, explore galleries, museums, gardens, and portals to the unknown. Both Gucci Town and the similar Gucci Garden Exhibition are inspired by designer Allesandro Michele.


Vans World is a fun-filled skate world where players can discover and conquer skate spots, earn and wear a large selection of Vans based on real-world designs, modify their skate deck, and more. Players can skate from the beach to the House of Vans, learning new skate tricks along the way.


The Alo Yoga Sanctuary is an immersive wellness space where players can achieve relaxation and calm through meditation. Players can also shop the latest Alo styles for their avatar and explore the island surrounding the meditation sanctuary.


These brands demonstrate that applied creativity in the Metaverse can create a whole new way to garner brand affinity, and until a more advanced, universal version of the Metaverse comes along, creating within Roblox is one of the best ways to prepare for that eventuality today.


About Jordan P. Kelley

Jordan P. Kelley is the Content Director at BrandStorytelling. He is the author of BrandStorytelling's twice weekly newsletter and editor of the Brand Storytelling Forbes Brand Voice Page. He is an avid brand film and advertising trendwatcher and considers himself a "Professional Audience Member".


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