Keeping it Real: Q&A with Hinge Creative Director Molly Fedick

When Hinge set out to work with influencers, they didn’t want anyone “safe” -- they wanted real. The kind of real that aligned itself with their unique and authentic positioning in the dating app space.

Nailing an influencer partnership is no small task, as evidenced by scores of bad team-ups and articles claiming the death of influencer marketing is upon us. But this wasn’t Hinge’s fate.

For starters, Hinge’s clear brand voice allowed them to rule out any and all candidates that didn’t fit the bill. Plus, Hinge made a partner out of The Social Standard, the company creating powerful partnerships by uniting brands with top social talent.

The result? Partnering with powerful influencer Cody Ko. A YouTuber with nearly 3.5M subscribers, Cody represents a big win not just for Hinge, but in the way that influencer partnerships can pay off at an advanced level.

So how’d they find the right fit? Brand Storytelling caught up with Molly Fedick, Creative Director at Hinge, to learn more about cultivating Hinge’s brand voice, her pursuit of the ideal influencer partnership, and the importance of fostering relationships with companies like The Social Standard:

From its “designed to be deleted” slogan to its visual identity, Hinge has a very “no-nonsense” and “real” brand voice. What goes into cultivating and maintaining that brand voice?

Thanks -- I'm glad that's coming through!! Speaking to our community in a very real, non-sales-y way is the center of everything we do. The word "authentic" gets thrown around all the time by marketers. For me, it's all about remembering that the people who use our product are! There is literally nothing different between me and my team and the people using Hinge all over the world. So I always ask myself, how would I want to be advertised to? And the answer to that question is that I want honesty. For example, it's totally unrealistic to expect that someone using Hinge hasn't (or isn't) using a competing dating app. That's just totally insane. So, we don't pretend we're the only dating app out there, or that everyone should be using Hinge -- instead, we focus on what makes Hinge different, and then we let the user decide if that's up their alley. We're cool with people using it...and we're also cool with people actively choosing to not use us.