Q&A with 'Elevate' Trail Leader, Digital Strategist Marissa Gluck

This year, Elevate returns to the iconic Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah. Elevate will once again be comprised of four ‘trails’, each one a deep dive into better understanding the foundations upon which branded content is built. This year’s trails will explore four subjects pertinent to the work of brand storytellers and their partners: Content Development, Platforms & Mediums, Measuring Success, and Looking Ahead. Each trail is being carefully curated and led by an industry expert on the subject at hand. This year, one such expert is Marissa Gluck.

Gluck, co-founder and managing partner of Radar Research, is a digital strategist who has spanned the agency and publisher worlds, most recently as a Vice President at media consultancy MediaLink. As head of research for Disney's Maker Studios, Marissa worked with Fortune 500 brands on influencer and social strategies. Prior to Maker, Marissa worked in strategy at IPG agency Huge Inc., where she was responsible for the company’s global thought leadership platform, providing a perspective on the impact of emerging technologies across a range of industries. As a consultant, she has worked with companies such as Google, DoubleClick, McGraw Hill, Sony Pictures and agencies such as RGA and POSSIBLE.

Brand Storytelling Advisory Chair Todd Barrish took time to meet with Marissa Gluck to better understand her perspective and approach to tackling the Platforms & Mediums Trail at Elevate as it relates to her immense experience:

First off, can you tell us a little about your background? Specifically, what drew you into a career in media and advertising as an analyst?

I've been working in digital media and advertising since the beginning of my career and have worked on both the agency side at places like Huge and on the media side at Maker Studios/Disney. What I enjoy the most is the pace of change. Nothing ever stays the same, even as the fundamentals of great media remain grounded in compelling storytelling. It's an industry that thrives on innovation. And what else would I do? I don't personally have the constitution to work on Wall Street or be a doctor.