Mapping The Trails: Carat’s Shannon Pruitt Discusses Elevate's 'Support' Trail

Pictured: Shannon Pruitt, Kate Santore, Eric Korsh and Chip Russo as they lead the 'Setting the Scene' Trail at Elevate 2017. This trail examined what, how and why brands pursue and invest in the creation and distribution of original content.

Week by week, Brand Storytelling will be bringing you exclusive insight into each of the Elevate “trails” (our clever name for the panels at our summer event), featuring input from our esteemed trail guides.

This week we’re taking a closer look at the 'Support' trail with the help of our highly qualified trail guide Shannon Pruitt, newly appointed Chief Content Officer at Carat USA. We connected with Shannon to discuss the ins and outs of Elevate’s second trail:


Hey there Shannon! What can you tell us about the ‘Support’ Trail?

We will explore and discuss the new(ish) frontier of organization around content and creativity and how brand stories are planned for and produced in the new world of people, platforms and technology. The way brands define, create, and co-create their stories in a world where breaking through the clutter and engaging people is more challenging than ever before. In Support, we will go deeper into understanding the opportunities and challenges that executives face internally as much as externally and ways to frame the best approach for your brand.

What do you anticipate your panel conversation will entail?

A hopefully rowdy and provocative dialogue about best practices and philosophies on the best placement for organizational responsibility and where they money comes from, who supports and champions the importance of brand storytelling (not just advertising) internally and how it actually happens. Internal vs external? Creative vs content? Media vs publisher? And everything in between.

When talking about support in this context, what’s the vantage point? Will the question come from one or multiple perspectives?

This conversation will only be productive and valuable if there are multiple points of view. Brand, Publisher, Media and Creative AOR, Content. Every brand has different challenges and there is n