FEATURED: Q&A with Donut’s Charlie Leahy

Donut - one of the newest branded content production houses in Los Angeles - seeks to be a destination for brands looking to engage consumers on an entertainment level unlike those that have come before it. What sets them apart? For starters, two of their founding partners are none other than Mark and Jay Duplass, the brothers behind over a decade’s worth of indie film hits and several HBO series. Add to the mix engagement director Nigel Lopez-McBean and creative director Charlie Leahy (industry vets and Cannes Lion winners) and you get a winning balance of ad and entertainment industry power. Brand Storytelling wanted to learn more about the promising new studio, so we chatted with Charlie Leahy about making awesome stuff, the content platform universe, and thinking “epically small.”

What do you do as an end-to-end one stop shop for branded content? When you say “end to end,” where does that begin and where does that end?

It begins w