Mashable Announces Exclusive Tech and Premium Vertical Video at 2017 Newfronts

Mashable Unveils Exclusive Technology to Reach New Influencers and Launches Premium Vertical Video Product at 2017 NewFronts Presentation

Mashable’s expanded Velocity: Kilogram technology allows advertisers to target New Influencers who are 7x more likely to share a brand’s message.

Mashable Reels debuts with four series, premium video produced for vertical, chapterized viewing exclusively on its mobile site.

New York, NY - May 11, 2017: Mashable, a global media and entertainment company for culture and tech superfans, today held its annual NewFront presentation on the roof of the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel in Manhattan. The company unveiled exclusive technology that allows brands to reach New Influencers and also launched Mashable Reels, a premium vertical video product for its mobile site.

“We know the future of TV looks nothing like the past. Great TV won’t be made for mass audiences. It’ll be made for the right audiences, using data both to inspire creativity and connect shows with influential viewers,” said Pete Cashmore, Founder and CEO of Mashable. “It won’t happen on the big screen. It’ll happen on the screen you have in your pocket -- the mobile phone. The future of video is on the handset, not the TV set.”

“With this advancement in our game-changing technology, Velocity: Kilogram, as well as the creation of Mashable Reels, we’re providing our brand partners with a proven way to reach the most receptive audiences,” Cashmore said. “We know that the real influencers are not social media celebrities with millions of random followers. The most influential people are everyday individuals with real passions and real credibility. The New Influencer is Sara from Green Bay, not Kendall from LA.”

Velocity: Kilogram (Kg) Technology

Expanding its proprietary Kilogram product, part of the Velocity Technology Suite, Mashable unveiled a new capability that allows its brand partners to reach targeted segments of Mashable’s influential audience both on and outside its owned and operated properties.

By analyzing how users share and consume content, Mashable identified:

  • The New Influencer: Not social celebrities, but everyday individuals who are defined and determined by who they reach, and how likely their followers are to take an action on a given topic.

  • The Influenceables: By mapping the social network surrounding these New Influencers, Mashable’s data science team identified groups of peo