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DIY Data Dabblers be Damned: Programmatic & Brand Safety

Using data to determine audience is a no-brainer. But you’d better use a brain when implementing that data.

Take programmatic for example. It’s not difficult to understand why programmatic ad buys are popular. In theory, it’s a dream come true.

However, there are pitfalls to going all-in on a system that isn’t necessarily fully understood by those jumping to use it. Just look at what happened with last month’s brand safety crisis.

The inclination of the industry is to lay blame at the feet of Google and YouTube, But consider this - shouldn’t the brands and agencies that rushed to use what turns out to be a leaky system be culpable also?

In the race to compete for content creation and exposure, businesses have taken for granted that programmatic advertising requires finesse. It requires research, insight, and dedicated understanding.

Isn’t it worth examining the notion that although data is an extensive and valuable resource, ultimately it is best manipulated in the hands of those who are dedicated to it?

Enter companies like Zefr that are dedicated data institutions. They know a thing or two about audience selection because it’s what they do, and for that level of dedication you receive a window into understanding audience that far outpaces the algorithmic block buy offerings of DIY programmatic. For more on how Zefr is setting themselves apart from the competition all while ensuring brand safety, check out our Q&A with Andrew Serby, Director of Marketing at Zefr.

When you’re seeking a specific diagnosis and treatment for a unique health issue, does the buck stop at your general physician or do you see a specialist? The answer is simple - you go to the person who’s dedicated to solving your immediate problem. Why should it be any different when it comes to targeting your audience?

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