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Brand Integrations Within The Comedic Digital Landscape

Every great ad has a solid baseline, that special something to draw you in and keep you watching. Simple enough. Whether it be the use of a talking baby, cute animals, sex appeal, a heartfelt moment between a parent or child, or maybe just hitting you over the head with stats and data in the form of big animated numbers. All of which are effective enough to keep you from skipping or fast-forwarding on to your regularly programmed content. However, there is one theme that almost no one can resist: Comedy.

We've all been there. Sitting around watching TV with a group of friends or family when the commercial break hits. A regular point in time to disengage and resume conversation, when all of a sudden you're struck with that all too familiar cadence; a joke is brewing in the 30-second spot playing on your TV. It's not so easy to ignore. Comedy is infectious. Even if you've seen the spot over and over again, you still watch and excitedly let out that familiar phrase; "Have you seen this one? It's hilarious!".

Fortunately, for comedians, comedic networks and their brand partners, humorous content curated for online distribution has a habit of going viral. Not only is there value for a consumer in viewing the content, but even more value in being the one to share it with their friends on facebook or twitter.

I visited the office of Above Average in New York City, and sat down with both Doug Bandes (SVP, Revenue/Brand Partnerships), and Jennifer Danielson (President of Above Average) to discuss how they are creating lasting relationships with brand partners looking to integrate into either existing content on Above Average channels, or to have the production company create completely original content for their brands.

Bandes had this to say; "Whether it's a home improvement company, a travel company, an auto company... we can find a way to interject humor into whatever types of genres or verticals that are really wanted to go after..."

Watch the full story in here or by clicking the video below...


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