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Meet Your Future Caretaker: Buddy the Companion Robot

From Freethink Series 'Uprising'

Special Report:

Creativity & AI

We’ve been afraid of robots for a lot longer than they’ve even been a reality. In fact, we’ve been afraid of robots for far longer than we’ve even called them “robots.” ⁣⁠Do we have anything to fear at all? That depends on who you ask. Meet the people and bots who are already living the reality of the robot uprising.


Since the invention of early automation machines, humans have grappled with the challenge of how to work alongside machines and how to think about the displacement of specialty that often follows their invention. With AI’s expansion into creative fields, questions arise about the uniqueness of human creativity and whether AI is a tool, a rival, or a new collaborator. In this special issue, we set out to explore perspectives from technologists, artists, and experts to understand the comprehensive implications of AI-driven creativity on our future.

Freethink Media, a digital publisher telling stories about the people and ideas moving our world forward to over 20+ million followers, recently released a special issue: Creativity & AI. Each week we will highlight here one of Freethink’s compelling articles or docu-style videos that delves into the influence of AI and its profound impact on our world and society today. Known for captivating content featuring news from the frontiers, Freethink is committed to being a trusted source for exploring the transformative power of AI.


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