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Influencer Marketing in the midst of Social Distancing

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, August 26th at 12:00PM PST

As a result of social distancing and stay at home orders, consumers are spending more time online than ever before. Nielsen studies show that home-bound consumers have led to a 60% increase in the amount of video content watched globally. Alongside this shift in consumer behavior, influencers and marketers alike are shifting strategies, innovating and connecting with new audiences in never-before-seen ways. But with so much being created, there remains the question of brands finding the most efficient and effective partners to work with in order to reach engaged consumers.

In this session you’ll get to hear first-hand from internet personality & CEO of Theorist Media, Matthew Patrick (aka MatPat), about how the landscape has changed from the creators perspective. Across his four channels, MatPat has racked up over 25 million subscribers. In addition to its growing family of YouTube channels, Theorist Media also advises brands and creators on online strategy. Also joining the conversation, will be influencer marketing veteran, John Carle, VP of Strategy & Business Development at BEN. The pair will discuss the rise of the gaming-related entertainment, weigh in on the importance of brands having clear goals when approaching creators, and how brands can stay authentic and relevant to the audiences as they look to reach new audiences.


Hosted by

Andrew Parkhill

Creative Director

Brand Storytelling

Andrew has been creating B2B content at dozens of industry events over the past 13 years. He has produced hundreds of video interviews with media and marketing executives, as well as produced and directed Brand Storytelling: a docu-series. As Creative Director at Brand Storytelling, Andrew manages all web and video content, as well as two live events; Brand Storytelling: a Sanctioned Event of Sundance Film Festival and Elevate - the summer retreat for brand storytellers and their storytelling partners.


Matthew Patrick - Matpat

The Game Theorists

Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat, is the nerdiest guy on YouTube, operating the YouTube channels The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, The Food Theorists and YouTube’s largest livestreaming channel, GTLive. Currently just over 25 million subscribers, The Theorists are the Mythbusters for gamers and cinephiles, educating viewers while unearthing the secrets behind gaming, film, and television’s most enduring questions. MatPat is also the creator and host of Game Lab, a YouTube Premium Original series that takes YouTube's biggest gamers off the comfort of their couches and places them into the real life equivalent of their favorite games. The series won the Streamy for Best VR/360 Series in 2016.

Matthew is also a marketing and audience development specialist, using data-based methods to accelerate the growth of social media audiences, particularly on YouTube. His company, Theorist Inc, consults some of the biggest tech and media brands in the world on how to capture and grow an audience online. Over the past several years, Matthew has worked with over 200 YouTube channels across practically every vertical.

John Carle 

Vice President of Strategy & Business Development


John Carle is the Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at BEN where he focuses on helping brands navigate the influencer marketing space using BEN’s sophisticated AI & data. 

A veteran in the entertainment space, Carle has sought to empower creatives by equipping them with the tools to not only succeed but thrive in an increasingly digital world. Between building over 300 storyline episodes for WWE and shaping undiscovered talent in the YouTube Community such as Nukazooka, Carle has helped forge unique paths for creatives that enable them to better connect with audiences and brands. Carle continues to be an active voice in the content creator community, with numerous panel and moderation engagements at both VidCon and Playlist Live over the years, as well as a seat on the Streamy Awards Blue Ribbon Panel judging committee.


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