How Facebook Uses Data to Create Successful Content

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

Theo Rocha (Director of Creative Shop, LATAM at Facebook) and Diego de Oliveira (LATAM Creative Industry Lead for Creative Shop, Facebook)

When it comes to understanding an audience and working to reach it with great content, nobody does it quite like Facebook. The social network is one of the best at using data to pinpoint the wants and needs of its various users and deliver back great activities and entertainment for them to enjoy. This is exactly how Facebook Creative Shop in Brazil went about innovating a whole new genre of social content for one of its most popular audiences, demonstrating an unprecedented ability to tap a community, understand its entertainment needs, and deliver it back to them successfully.

Brand Storytelling recently hosted Theo Rocha (Director of Creative Shop, LATAM at Facebook) and Diego de Oliveira (LATAM Creative Industry Lead for Creative Shop, Facebook) at the Elevate Summer Session to discuss the process of creating successful, audience-oriented brand-funded content with multiple partners.

To learn more about this case study, watch “Facebook Presents: Designing for Community & Culture in a Mobile-First World

The endeavor began with the team at Facebook seeking to explore mobile viewing opportunities, knowing they wanted to create new original content that connected with their millennial audience. Facebook Creative Shop looks at insights and data for opportunities to launch content. Using a combination of individual creativity and data, the team builds a model that they then pitch to brands and agencies to seek involvement and backing.

For this project, the team found opportunity in the form of a Facebook group, LDRV - a popular and powerful Facebook group in Brazil responsible for originating many funny and popular Brazilian memes. Facebook tapped community leaders in the group directly to consult them on the content of the series. In keeping with seeking to create content that would resonate with their target audience, the series would be created in the style of a soap opera, a genre with lots of appeal in Brazil. The result was a modern soap focused on three Brazilian millennials as they tell each other stories, create memes, and compete with one another to create the best content and go viral.

The team at Facebook was then able to involve Endemol, bringing production know-how to the table, and Skol, one of the most popular beer brands in the target demographic, to come into the fold as a featured brand. Its integration into Brazilian youth culture was already there, so the story was orchestrated around Skol’s pre-existing positioning on enjoying life and diversity. The trio came together to hold up different portions of the production, where setting up clear roles, responsibilities, and rules of engagement was paramount. Those roles and responsibilities were clearly assigned so that each entity had charge over a specific area. The creative shop brought together an intricate but effective system to generate their mobile-first long-form content by filtering it throu