Get to Know Pacific Content: Q&A with Co-Founder Steve Pratt

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

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Pacific Content is a leading podcast services company, helping some of the world’s biggest brands create and market compelling audio stories. A diversely talented group made up of veteran media professionals, production experts, and sound design specialists, the Pacific Content team brings decades of experience, expertise and insight to the table. They’ve created successful, ambitious, and influential podcasts for brands like Ford, Charles Schwab, Rocket Mortgage, and more.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Pacific Content Co-Founder & VP, Podcasts Steve Pratt to learn more about how these audio pro’s help clients amplify their voice with original branded audio content:

Thanks for joining us, Steve. How did you get your start in storytelling?

I have been obsessed with storytelling since I was a kid. I remember writing a story about a group of vampire cows in grade 4 and thinking it was the greatest school assignment in history. As I got older, the stories stayed fairly weird - I did an entire project about a fictional heavy metal island resort called “Dio.” At university, I took English Literature and soaked up everything I could learn about story structure and formats. I also started doing a lot of sketch and improv comedy, which forces you to think about conflict, structure, and character in real-time.

When it came time to make a career decision post-university, I hit a fork in the road. I was ready to go to law school, which was a safe choice but didn’t feel right in my gut. The storytelling voice inside me was too loud, so I bailed on law school at the last minute, took a job in television, and have never looked back.