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Get to Know BODEGA Studios: Q&A with Executive Producer Bob Cagliero

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

BODEGA Studios is a content creation studio based in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco creating commercials, brand content, show opens, promos, films and digital content for advertisers, brands, networks and their agencies for any media platform. BODEGA is also a member of Free the Bid, an organization that champions the perspective and inclusion of female Directors, Editors, Colorists, Composers and DOPs in advertising.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Executive Producer Bob Cagliero to learn more about BODEGA, Free the Bid, and what it means to tell stories on screens of all sizes:

Thanks for sitting down with me, Bob. For starters, what is the origin story of BODEGA?

BODEGA was born from the desire to tell meaningful stories creatively, efficiently and collaboratively. We started by offering ideas. We embraced modern and emerging production tools early which gave our work a unique perspective. We crafted the studio within a family of companies that provide best-in-class post-production, finishing, and audio so we can hone our content until it is just right. And we decided from the beginning that a cornerstone of our studio would be collaboration. With clients, with directors, with technical crews, with in-house marketing teams, and with AORs. It has led to a diversity of thought and sparks of ideas where we least expected them. And it has allowed us to share our passion for telling stories that make a difference with an amazing group of brands around the world.

The content marketplace has changed immensely in the last twenty years, even more so in the last five. What have you done to adapt to our modern content-driven culture?

Content can – and should – come from anywhere and go everywhere.

Ideas have to be agile and we can never miss an opportunity to extend, to pivot, to shorten, to blow up. We look at every project with an eye to the larger picture and we think about how the things we’re creating can be used in extended, value-added ways, all around. And we think very carefully about who is creating them. We believe that everyone has something to offer and we make it a priority to actively seek out and support talent and ideas, from experienced and diverse filmmakers to talented influencers, of all backgrounds and perspectives.

Working with a brand when offering end-to-end services invites a lot of opportunity for conflict - What is BODEGA’s secret to navigating the end-to-end collaboration with a client?

We have lots of experience and capabilities. And No Ego.

We think of ourselves as a secret weapon. We work and play seamlessly with every part of an organization, from your in-house agency, to procurement, to your AOR. Many of us come from agency or client backgrounds, so we know the landscape. We’ll work with what you have, both idea-wise and capacity-wise, and elevate it together. We’ll always offer to go above and beyond, but we’ll also always understand when you say you’re good.

Can you tell us more about being a member of Free the Bid? For the uninitiated, what does that mean?

To us, Free The Bid represents (a) the idea that commercial storytelling needs more female and diverse voices, and (b) a way to actually do something about it. We think it is good to talk about making a change, but it is much better to take action. The simple concept of keeping a seat at the bidding table open yields much greater cross-exposure of brands to talent, and vice-versa. In our mind, the benefits those opportunities present are so big that they’re hard to measure. Both for our female talent, led by two veteran female EPs, and for all our clients.

As branded entertainment continues to break through as a leading form of consumer viewing, who within your powerful interior network of filmmakers is putting their attention to short films and documentaries funded by brands?

We are fortunate to have strong brand content creators throughout our roster. A few examples:

Lesley Chilcott, Academy Award winner for An Inconvenient Truth recently created a fascinating short documentary film about the impact of COVID on the NBA. Kevin Osgood made a stunning film connecting real musicians with the acoustics of Lincoln automobiles. He also told HP’s moving story of how their printers impacted bed net usage to help fight Malaria in Uganda. Our other directors have worked with brands large and small, from Amazon, Microsoft and Disney to startups and non-profits worldwide.

Why do you believe there is an emphasis being placed on this type of content by brands, especially in 2021?

Audiences want authenticity. It’s as simple as that. They want to align with brands that share their values, and they look for brands to communicate their values via their actions. They also happen to be hungry for good content. Brands have found that real, true stories are the smartest, most interesting, and most effective ways for them to “show” not “tell”. For them to engage with consumers in ways that aren’t advertising. To shine a spotlight on stories that deserve telling. And to foster a deep, personal connection with their consumers, both old and new.

What’s next for BODEGA Studios?

We’re constantly looking for new stories and new ways to tell them.

And we’re looking for new and diverse talent with fresh ideas to help us.

We are passionate about both our work and our community, and we will always be committed to using our skills to help good causes flourish. As we navigate new safety standards and new social norms, our goal is to continue to join forces to identify and amplify what’s good in our world.


To learn more about BODEGA Studios, their work, and their story, visit their website or shoot Bob an email at


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