Get to Know BODEGA Studios: Q&A with Executive Producer Bob Cagliero

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

BODEGA Studios is a content creation studio based in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco creating commercials, brand content, show opens, promos, films and digital content for advertisers, brands, networks and their agencies for any media platform. BODEGA is also a member of Free the Bid, an organization that champions the perspective and inclusion of female Directors, Editors, Colorists, Composers and DOPs in advertising.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Executive Producer Bob Cagliero to learn more about BODEGA, Free the Bid, and what it means to tell stories on screens of all sizes:

Thanks for sitting down with me, Bob. For starters, what is the origin story of BODEGA?

BODEGA was born from the desire to tell meaningful stories creatively, efficiently and collaboratively. We started by offering ideas. We embraced modern and emerging production tools early which gave our work a unique perspective. We crafted the studio within a family of companies that provide best-in-class post-production, finishing, and audio so we can hone our content until it is just right. And we decided from the beginning that a cornerstone of our studio would be collaboration. With clients, with directors, with technical crews, with in-house marketing teams, and with AORs. It has led to a diversity of thought and sparks of ideas where we least expected them. And it has allowed us to share our passion for telling stories that make a difference with an amazing group of brands around the world.

The content marketplace has changed immensely in the last twenty years, even more so in the last five. What have you done to adapt to our modern content-driven culture?

Content can – and should – come from anywhere and go everywhere.

Ideas have to be agile and we can never miss an opportunity to extend, to pivot, to shorten, to blow up. We look at every project with an eye to the larger picture and we think about how the things we’re creating can be used in extended, value-added ways, all around. And we think very carefully about who is creating them. We believe that everyone has something to offer and we make it a priority to actively seek out and support talent and ideas, from experienced and diverse filmmakers to talented influence