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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: The Brand-Publisher Partnership for Purpose

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00PM PST

In purpose-driven storytelling, where a brand puts its mission-based message can be as important as what they say in their storytelling. Not only do publishers often have bigger reach than a brand’s owned and operated sites, they bring the purpose of the publishing brand into the mix. This combination can help create a powerful statement for both brand and publisher. In this livestream, we bring together the creative and editorial leads from four top publishers to discuss how they work with brands on purpose-driven storytelling, both during the global Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Join us for a conversation with four of the leading branded content publisher studios to discuss the importance of publishers in purpose-driven storytelling.

Discussion Topics:

How do publishers get brands to understand the importance of working with a trusted media brand--at a time when brands are increasingly moving to streaming and using their owned and operated platforms to get their messages out?

How do publishers make certain they stay true to their own brand’s mission when working with a client?

The global pandemic has had a major impact on advertising spending by clients. Can purpose-driven storytelling be a bright spot amidst this decline as we see brands begin to advertise the work they are doing during the pandemic.

How are publishers measuring the impact of the purpose-driven storytelling they do for brands--beyond the traditional metrics and measurements?


Hosted by

Fara Warner

Award Winning Journalist

& Digital Media Expert

Fara Warner has worked in every storytelling medium from traditional print, books, and digital publishing to virtual reality films throughout her three-decade journalism career. She is an award-winning author and journalist specializing in the art and science of storytelling in the digital age, new business models for journalism, and the critical need for diversity in creative teams and women’s growing economic and social power. In the past decade, she has led teams of developers, designers, writers, and editors at organizations including The Wall Street Journal, and Aol Inc. She is a leadership ambassador for Take The Lead, a nonprofit focused on gender equity and pay parity and is the co-lead in the inaugural cohort “50 Women Can Change The World in Journalism.”


Erica Osher

VP, NPR Sponsorship Products & NPM Creative

National Public Media

Erica Osher leads NPM’s in-house creative team that provides research, strategy, design, audio and visual production services to NPR sponsors. She has fifteen years of product management and design experience at various media and technology companies. Since joining NPM in 2011, Osher has expanded NPR’s native digital sponsorship offerings, increased reach for sponsor campaigns and delivered strong engagement for brands. Osher has spearheaded audio storytelling projects for Capital One, Subaru, Target and more, and launched new sponsorship products on emerging platforms like smart speakers. Osher lives with her husband, daughter and three cats in Silver Spring, MD.

Stephanie Chang

Editorial Director, The Trust | Wall Street Journal Custom Content

Stephanie directs editorial for The Trust, the brand studio and creative consultancy of The Wall Street Journal | Barron’s Group. Prior to coming to The Trust, Stephanie served as content strategy director at JWT and also at Amplify. During her years as a journalist, Stephanie was the as the editor of PC Magazine, driving editorial strategy and operations for the print and digital magazines. She also served as founding editor and SVP of Access Media, a 10-million circulation, weekly tech and lifestyle magazine. She began her career in daily newspapers, as a general assignment reporter and deputy city editor in suburban New York

Aaron Tabas

Head of Creative Strategy at Vox Media, Inc.

Aaron heads up social impact initiative "IQ" (Impact Quotient) at Vox Media. Prior to coming to Vox he led BBC's Content Studio Storyworks for the US and Canada, and before that he ran integrated marketing and editorial teams at Conde Nast and Evolve Media respectively. Aaron has deep storytelling and advertising experience across platforms, and has developed award winning programs across clients such as Samsung, BMW, Paramount Pictures, Axe, 7up, Adidas and many more.

Ben James

Head of Creative, T Brand

The New York Times

Ben James is the Head of Creative for T Brand, the creative services division of The New York Times Advertising Department, which includes their award-winning content studio – T Brand Studio and their experience agency, Fake Love. Ben believes in the power of storytelling and the creative process that lies behind it. Throughout his career, Ben has acted as an agent for the brand voice. His work focuses on demonstrating that brand stories can be crafted in infinitely innovative ways, if they are guided with a purpose that is true to the roots of the brand.


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