Brand Storytelling Live Streams: The Brand-Publisher Partnership for Purpose

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00PM PST

In purpose-driven storytelling, where a brand puts its mission-based message can be as important as what they say in their storytelling. Not only do publishers often have bigger reach than a brand’s owned and operated sites, they bring the purpose of the publishing brand into the mix. This combination can help create a powerful statement for both brand and publisher. In this livestream, we bring together the creative and editorial leads from four top publishers to discuss how they work with brands on purpose-driven storytelling, both during the global Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Join us for a conversation with four of the leading branded content publisher studios to discuss the importance of publishers in purpose-driven storytelling.


Discussion Topics:

How do publishers get brands to understand the importance of working with a trusted media brand--at a time when brands are increasingly moving to streaming and using their owned and operated platforms to get their messages out?

How do publishers make certain they stay true to their own brand’s mission when working with a client?

The global pandemic has had a major impact on advertising spending by clients. Can purpose-driven storytelling be a bright spot amidst this decline as we see brands begin to advertise the work they are doing during the pandemic.

How are publishers measuring the impact of the purpose-driven storytelling they do for brands--beyond the traditional metrics and measurements?


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