Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Navigating esports in 2020

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, April 15th at 12:00PM PST

The growth in esports was significant well before the global breakout of COVID-19. But with traditional sports shelved, more attention than ever is being placed on digital alternatives, shining fresh light on an ecosystem now ranging from the Overwatch League to NASCAR simulations and televised 2K tournaments. But what exactly are we talking about when we say "esports?" And how do brands identify the right opportunities available to them? 


Defining Terms:

  • “esports vs. gaming” 

  • The esports athlete compared to the celebrity gamer. 


  • What opportunities are available across the range of esports/gaming? 

  • Should traditional brands be intimidated? 

  • What role do analytics play? 


  • How are esports/gaming impacting more traditional sports platforms? 

  • How are people engaging with non-traditional sports platforms?


  • How to tell the best stories across esports/gaming? 

  • How does the process work for the athletes themselves? 

  • Partnerships: What type should brands be looking for in a more digital sports world? 

The New Normal: 

  • How will the return of traditional sports impact the esports/gaming ecosystem? What continues to thrive, what suffers? 

  • Advertising vs. sponsorships: How should brands approach these options? 

  • What will be the role of digital platfoms covering/carrying traditional sports? 

Winners and losers:

  • Who is winning right now in esports/gaming? 

  • What trends will we see emerge once the pandemic is over?


Hosted By

Brian Kamenetzky

Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic

Brian Kamenetzky is a sportswriter and radio host in Los Angeles, contributing to outlets including the LA,, ESPN The Magazine and The Athletic. Additionally, he has worked with athletes creating content at The Players' Tribune, and multiple studios for sponsored feature stories and videos.