Brand Storytelling Live Streams: How to Produce When Crews Are Grounded

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, April 8th at 1:00PM PST

The show(s) must go on! Clients and their content partners are scrambling to get new content in the ecosystem, but how is that accomplished when production crews are unable to travel or even leave the house? What to do when talent can’t show up and crews can’t shoot?

There are creative solutions that work great today, or even when a pandemic is not closing down production.  This is the time to explore and leverage those alternatives that are critical for campaign support right now, and the experience you gain today will pay dividends in the future.


Discussion Points:

  • Messaging: How are brands and agencies messaging for these times? How are they making decisions about messaging and what they are talking about right now?

  • Production: What types of projects do you currently have underway? How are they getting produced? Do you have any tips for working with remote teams?

  • Planning: How are you planning for the weeks and months ahead? What projects are getting green lit for the next few quarters? 

  • Future of Production: How do you think this time may change production permanently? Are there any learnings that you can see benefiting you in the post-coronavirus world?

Hosted By

Wendy Shay

Managing Director,

Team Win Studios

As a third generation advertising executive, Wendy can boast she literally grew up in the industry. As the managing partner at Highly Confidential/Team Win Studios, a full-service creative and production studio, she oversees client relationships and content strategy for all of their brand and industry partners. Over the course of her career, Wendy has worked with some of the world’s most innovative consumer brands including Google, Taco Bell, Samsung, Marriott and Pepsi. She's a regular speaker about branded content and an award-winning storyteller. 


Jessica Burns

VP Brand Marketing & Creative,


As the VP of Brand and Creative Marketing, Jessica oversees all branding efforts for Grubhub, the nation’s largest online marketplace for food-ordering and delivery, and its iconic New York brand, Seamless. From launching new markets, to developing compelling campaigns that drive brand love and advocacy, to working with restaurants to tell their unique stories, Jess and her team are responsible for making sure Grubhub and Seamless are a powerful force in culture and meaningful brands in diners' lives.