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Announcing the 2nd Annual Brand Storytelling Honor Roll

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

Last year, the Brand Storytelling Team decided it was high-time that the individuals that actually drive the business of brand-funded content get their time to shine. We sought to identify these people and illuminate their work. We asked you, the brand storytelling community, to help us identify these best-in-class brand storytellers, and you did. The inaugural Brand Storytelling Honor Roll was born, spotlighting six incredible brand storytellers working at the top of their game. This year, The Brand Storytelling Honor Roll is back; once again, we want your help in identifying the best and brightest brand storytellers in the business today. Nominations are being accepted now at no cost through 1/15/21. It is quick and easy to nominate anyone that is employed by a brand organization and has played an integral role in the development and production of content for their brand. Nominations will be reviewed by the Brand Storytelling advisors and the best of the best will be included on the 2nd Annual Brand Storytelling Honor Roll that will be announced during Brand Storytelling Community Program, The Brand Storytelling Network.

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2020 Honorees


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Brand Storytelling Honor Roll? Anyone who is actively employed by a brand organization (including non-profits) that has played an integral role in the development and production of content.

What sort of content must the individual be responsible for? It could be any form of content, including video, text, audio, live events, short form, long form, etc. It all will be considered.

How will the Honorees be chosen? Nominations are being accepted now and will be reviewed by the Brand Storytelling advisors. They will vote for the individuals they believe are most worthy of inclusion. Remember, Honorees are individuals doing the work, not the brand itself.

How will work be judged? It’s an honor roll, so the individuals chosen will be considered based on their year of work, not just one project. Honor rolls in school are GPA based. It’s sort of like that.

When will the Honor Roll be announced?

During a special Brand Storytelling Network Live Stream in February.

How will the Honor Roll be publicized? We want the world to know about these honorees and the great work they are responsible for.

Here’s what we have planned: - Acknowledge honorees during the BSN -

- Major PR push to trades and business journals - - Dedicated space on featuring honorees and their work - - Full page print ad in Variety magazine - - BrandVoice article on - - Social Media posts on our channels -

What do nominations cost? There is no cost to nominate. Just go to this form and nominate

your friend, a client, your boss, a co-worker, or even yourself!

How detailed is the nomination? It’s simple. We want a short narrative telling us why your nominee should be included and a maximum of three links to samples of work. That’s it. It’s short, simple and FREE – nominate anyone you like, including yourself. Do it today!


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