The Success of Courtyard, Unstoppable: Q&A with Executive Creative Director Marc Battaglia

Courtyard: Unstoppable is a 10-episode docu-series featuring talent in pursuit of their own personal and professional passions. More specifically, the talent in question are all connected to the NFL, whether they be designers, skill coaches, or management and operations personnel. Each unique episode of the docu-series profiles these multifaceted individuals in a way that is very personal and completely human. The series launched in June 2018 with a ten episode run. In partnership with the Courtyard Brand Marketing and Social/Digital team, the Content Studio produces and distributes the series in collaboration with Whistle Sports. Episodes live on their own dedicated Facebook Watch channel, which is a first for Marriott. Brand Storytelling caught up with Marc Battaglia, Executive Creative Director: Global Creative + Content Marketing at Marriott International, to ask how Courtyard: Unstoppable fits within Courtyard’s key brand positioning, what it’s like to partner with the NFL, and what the addition of this series means for Marriott’s big picture programming strategy:

Courtyard Unstoppable represents a natural evolution in the growing Marriott content library in terms of message - that being said, how did you arrive at the creation point of Courtyard Unstoppable, and with Whistle Sports as a partner?

The objective for the content studio was to challenge ourselves to develop an original story-driven franchise that could both generate awareness of Courtyard being the official hotel of the NFL while laddering up to the brands new positioning of “Passion Moves Us Forward”. We began collaborating with Whistle since they understood our philosophy of building a community around a series rather than one and done type content. In addition we were able to connect with the right audience of next gen football fans across the Whistle fanbase and combine our relationships in the NFL and sports influencer worlds.

What was it like to have the NFL as a major part of this series?

The NFL is a great partner, beyond content it expands to experiences, events while also building custom moments for our members. The NFL was very