4 Storytelling Tips for Giving The Perfect Toast

We’re heading into the time of year when we say nice things about the people we care about – at work and at home. As we head into the holiday season, many of us will be called upon to give toasts as we celebrate the wins behind us and look ahead to new ones.

Good news is – as great storytellers – you’re most of the way to being a great toaster!

So, as you “cheers” all your wins (New business! Great ideas! Clever campaigns!) and affirm relationships with peers and clients, here’s how to use storytelling tools to make every toast memorable and meaningful this season

1. Center yourself around the occasion and the audience

  • What is the occasion? You should totally know this. You’re there! It’s a freebie!

  • Jot down some facts about your audience: Old or young? Colleagues or strangers? Intimate and friendly or professional and formal?

  • Know if you want to toast a person, a team accomplishment or the moment.

All great storytellers plan the right story for a specific audience. This step enables you to quickly decide on the tone of your toast and what language to use.

2. Think of something true about the moment or person and/or team that all can agree on. This could be:

  • What a great year it’s been.

  • What a good leader someone is.

  • What a strong team you are.

  • What a wonderful occasion this is.

All great storytellers develop rapport with the audience before telling. This step enables you to draw the room to you by getting them to agree with you about something pleasant.