Discussions & Fireside Chats Followed By 'A Night of Musical Celebration'

Discussions & Fireside Chats

Brand Storytelling: a Sanctioned Event of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival has comes to a close, but only after two full days of idea sharing, content conversations, storytelling, and wonderful music. Brand marketers, agencies, and companies took what they gained on day one and built on it, while our wonderful event partners took the stage, speaking on their respective experiences and passing on knowledge that enriched the holistic conversation on content for the entire group. As day turned to night, topics of conversation turned to the relationship between music and brand association and attachment, all giving way to the screening of a brand new branded music film and performances from incredible artists.

Friday’s panels began with Andrew Saunders on the integrated ecosystem of TasteMade and how the data driven, mobile first company is at the intersection of taste and excellence. Paul Cowan spoke for Shutterstock on scaling branded visual content creation for digital and social channels. Andrew Snyder, Susanna Schrobsdorff and Alana Radmin got up to speak for Time Inc., discussing the growing emphasis on bringing to light the true power of women, and finding a brand partner in Bai to help spread that message. Kevin McAuliffe and Ethan Heftman from A+E networks shared their project with History and Ram in which they sought to tell a story true to the truck’s image and projected values.

Ricky Ray Butler, Chris Mancil and influencer Furious Pete took the stage to discuss influencer partnerships with EA. The trio had a discussion about pairing the right influencer with the right game in order to foster relationships between influencer and audience. Josh Entman of Jukin Media spoke on the user generation and learning how to better understand user-generated video. The evening’s chats closed with Ray Clark of The Marketing Arm, Jared Gutstadt of Jingle Punks, and music industry professionals Young Guru and Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, who spoke on the power of music and its ability to influence consumers on a deeply emotional level.

Saturday’s fireside chats began with CAA’s Chad Nelson, Eric Day and Scott Iason, who spoke on innovative talent and passion content models, using Top Golf’s original series as an example. Peter Sloterdyk and Zach Stafford took the stage for INTO, the online publication that’s redefining queer content. David Waithers from Awesomeness spoke about his target audience, generation z, and how social and digital are essential to their lives. Adam Shlachter and Christian Tom from Group Nine Media spoke on what is working and driving branded content results, where data is underutilized, and where that data is misunderstood.

Nick Childs, Lance Weiler and David Cohen talked about Frankenstein AI - a Sundance festival project that challenges the dystopian narratives that surround AI. Diana Mogollon and Chris Mack of Stage 13 and Warner Brothers Television spoke about the “IT” factor and Warner Bros. use of data on millenials to produce box-office breaking horror. John Partilla of Screenvision Media, Colleen DeCourcy of Wieden + Kennedy, and Scott Donaton of Digitas spoke on the art of storytelling in a fragmented world. Chats closed with Andres Siefken and Marcus Peterzell on the partnership between MasterCard and SZA as well as other up-and-coming artists to promote truly priceless experiences.

Thanks again to all of our partners for a round of truly unparalleled panels.


A Night of Musical Celebration