Mondelez International Jumps on the Content Wagon

Just two weeks ago, it was Pepsi making headlines with the opening of their Creators League content studio, in New York. "Our goal is to really behave like a Hollywood studio," said Brad Jakeman, President of PepsiCo's global beverage group. “The holy grail for me is to leverage the incredible power of our brands and their equities to essentially fund their own marketing," This week, it is Mondelez International joining the ranks of advertiser-turned-media company. The lines of media demarcation are beginning to look like red-clay marked lines in the 5th set of a match at the French Open. I met Laura Henderson, Global Head of Content & Media Monetization for Mondelez, while she was attending Brand Storytelling at Sundance Film Festival 2016 this past January. In preparing for our interview with her, I asked about the “media monetization” in her title. The answer was simple, “we intend to create content good enough to make money.”

This week, Laura and the team at Mondelez are lifting the veil a bit to reveal the strategy behind their thinking. “We’re shifting from a media buyer to more of a content producer and investor.” And here’s why; “The audience is in the driver’s seat; choosing when, how, and where to watch content. They can skip ads, block ads, and avoid ads in their entirety. Advertising is no longer an assumed part of the content consumption equation. It’s wreaking havoc on the economics of the industry.” Says Ms. Henderson. Besides Pepsico and Mondelez, add Marriott to the list of advertisers intent on creating content that does more than sell soda pop, cookies and hotel rooms. Just watch this video with David Beebe, VP Global Creative and Content for Marriott: