Original Production in a Pandemic

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, August 5th at 12:00PM PST

At Home with Jennifer is a new, original production from Webby Award winning host Jennifer Pate.  Jennifer was co-founder and host of Jen & Barb: Mom Life which ran for five seasons and over 120 episodes with sponsorship from 48 brands.  Jennifer is now back to help Americans and their families cope during these trying times.

At Home with Jennifer, in addition to helping its audience make life adjustments, is bringing a new and innovative style behind the camera as well.  Incorporating social distance and remote production features to its shooting, At Home with Jennifer is a new original production coming to streaming with a much needed and fresh perspective when America needs it most.  Tune In!



Hosted by

Ty Braswell


Creative Digital Strategies

Ty Braswell, is a creative digital strategist, expert in digital engagement and a mobile marketing specialist. Ty launched the business development strategy at JASH Comedy, where he produced branded content projects for the online JASH comedy network founded by talent partners Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts. He has held leadership roles at Sony Corp and Virgin Records, served as the digital architect building the mobile business for the NHL and Major League Soccer along with mentoring a variety of tech start-ups. He was the host for “Brand Storytelling: A Docu-Series” produced at the first-ever Brand Storytelling  conference held in association with the Sundance Film Festival.  http://creativedigitalstrategies.com