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4 Dangers of Artificial Intelligence—and Why They Won’t End the World

Special Report:

Creativity & AI

We live in interesting times. The systems of today are powerful. They can write, paint, direct, plan, code, and even write passable prose. And with this explosion of capabilities, we also have an explosion of worries. In seeing some of these current problems and projecting them into future non-extant problems, we find ourselves in a bit of a doom loop. The more fanciful arguments about how artificial superintelligence is inevitable and how they’re incredibly dangerous sit side by side with more understandable concerns about increasing misinformation.

It’s as if we’ve turned the world into a chess game. In chess, you rarely keep playing up until the moment you actually checkmate someone. You only play until the inevitability of that checkmate becomes clear. It might still happen 10, 15, or 30 moves down the road, but the players can see it coming.

Real life isn’t like this. We live in a vast unpredictable Universe that we literally sculpt as we go along. There are far more variables at play than we can feasibly determine.


Since the invention of early automation machines, humans have grappled with the challenge of how to work alongside machines and how to think about the displacement of specialty that often follows their invention. With AI’s expansion into creative fields, questions arise about the uniqueness of human creativity and whether AI is a tool, a rival, or a new collaborator. In this special issue, we set out to explore perspectives from technologists, artists, and experts to understand the comprehensive implications of AI-driven creativity on our future.

Freethink Media, a digital publisher telling stories about the people and ideas moving our world forward to over 20+ million followers, recently released a special issue: Creativity & AI. Each week we will highlight here one of Freethink’s compelling articles or docu-style videos that delves into the influence of AI and its profound impact on our world and society today. Known for captivating content featuring news from the frontiers, Freethink is committed to being a trusted source for exploring the transformative power of AI.

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