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The Story Club gives Brand Storytellers a chance to share story concepts and themes that could ultimately be supported, funded or sponsored by a brand. Participants provide feedback and ideas that may help hone the story, suggest the best format, prospective talent, production, distribution strategy, etc. Participants will take a few minutes to present a story concept and then open to the group for discussion and feedback.

The Story Club is for:
- Brands looking for stories and concepts that align with their content initiatives.


- Media and production companies that have stories and concepts to share and refine. 

- Any BSN member that appreciates story and likes to explore possibilities

- Any BSN member with a story that is worth telling

For more info, contact Rick Parkhill

Blurred Lines

What does it take to bring art from the streets into the galleries?
What does it take to reach the contemporary art world's highest levels without losing the authenticity of artistic expression or even losing yourself?

BLURRED LINES is a documentary series hosted by iconic portrait photographer Jonathan Mannion. Each episode will take viewers into the immersive world of some of the most thought-provoking artists in the world to explore the dedication, sacrifice, and passion necessary to achieve artistic greatness.  

From struggling to survive off their art to seeing their work hanging in the most prestigious galleries and museums, and collaborating with the biggest brands in the world, nothing is off-limits to Mannion. You'll get a behind-the-scenes peek at how these rebels are redefining the world around them with a few cans of paint and a disregard for rules.

Hear from the team at PictureFarm: Kerry Laster, Dion Sapp, Ben Freedman, and Chris Bren - and prepare to get a taste of this hidden world of blurred lines.

This Is She

THIS IS SHE is a documentary series about investing in women. The pilot episode, shooting this July, showcases women in industries that aren’t new to the American landscape, but where women have been struggling for visibility. We're focusing on women in sports, women in wine, and women in sustainable technology and our stories are taking us from Pride Day at Red Bull Stadium to picking grapes in the Santa Ynez Valley to testing an electric boat prototype in Silicon Valley. Our think tank of experts guides us through the series, including Cynt Marshall, the CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, former sports agent Molly Fletcher, and more. When women are invested in, we all benefit.

Dani Faith Leonard (producer/writer) is a producer, screenwriter, and comedian. Recent producing projects include narrative feature film COAST (postproduction) and documentary RED, WHITE, AND WASTED (Tribeca Film Festival). With Bobby Farrelly, Dani executive produced LEZ BOMB (2018, Amazon). In 2017, she executive produced SXSW Audience Award winner THE LIGHT OF THE MOON (Amazon). 

Aurora Digital Presents:
‘Shadowball’ and ‘Vaquero’

SHADOWBALL is a 10-part content original series that takes on the social injustice that Black athletes have faced since the notable lynching of football player John “Jack” Trice.

Long before Kaepernick ever took a knee, or BLM, Black athletes have endured, fought, and flourished. Shadowball will take us through the history of this journey and how it has led us to where we are today. And while these stories will recount a very dark past, exposing wounds that have constantly been opened and reopened, Shadowball aims to be a podcast series of both inspiration and hope.

From the creators of ‘The Undercovers’ with Ed O’Neill and ‘Westward’, VAQUERO is a podcast series that chronicles the war on drugs through the lens of Latino heroes and federal law enforcement.

Season One: Rogue Narc is based on the book and Amazon Docuseries “The Last Narc” that tells the true story of legendary DEA agent Hector Berellez, and his explosive findings while investigating the Enrique “Kiki” Camarena murder.

Matthew Hatchette (Producer/Host) - Matthew hails from Jefferson, Ohio and is a Former NFL player, entrepreneur, producer, actor and host of weekly podcast 'Getcha Popcorn Ready' with NFL colleague Terrell 'T.O.' Owens

Paul Cuschieri (CCO) - Born in Detroit - Paul is an award winning screenwriter (Cut Throat City), novelist and podcast producer whose current release is 'Westward' from iHeartRadio

John Baldecchi (CEO) - An L.A. native, John is an Executive, Producer and media Adviser with 20+ movies produced and $700M in revenue. Recent movies include 'Happy Death Day 1&2, current movies are the reboot of Stephen King's Children of the Corn (In Post) and the George RR Martin/Gore Verbinski adaptation of 'Sandkings' for Netflix as well as episodic shows for Amazon, Showtime, The CW and many more.

Aurora Digital is an audio-first company whose mission is to inspire PSI – Positive Social Impact – by creating unique, high value, socially relevant stories and branded content then produce movies, episodic shows and other derivatives from our IP.

Wellth of Nations

The United States has some of the most amazing doctors, nurses, and healthcare facilities in the world, all available for civilian access… so long as you can pay for it.  Every year US healthcare gets more expensive; It’s the most expensive countries for healthcare in the world while also having one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the World.  In short – something has to change.  Wellth of Nations explores the worlds of two groups who have made community-based changes that serve as an example for others; Learn more about Wellth of Nations from President/Producer of MacGillivray Freeman Films Shaun MacGillivray and learn how you too can affect healthcare change at a local level. 

The Beyondland Road Trip 2021

From Ross Borden - Founder & CEO, Matador Network 

Partners: Matador Network x Airstream x Weather Channel


When global travel came to a standstill in 2020, Matador Network and Airstream hatched a plan with talent, Kina Pickett, and his amazing family of four, who live in Bozeman, Montana. We wanted to prove that - even during a pandemic - families can now embrace a "live anywhere" lifestyle where kids are educated through adventure and work happens between family outings in nature.


In 2020, we welcomed amazing brands like YETI, Visit South Dakota, Visit NC- into the Beyondland program.


Now in 2021, the Picketts are hitting the road again with new adventures ahead and doing everything bigger and better. Not only will the content be distributed again across Matador's channels, but we're also able to play the full-lenth, long form video stories on Linear Broadcast TV on The Weather Channel!

Storytelling During a Pandemic

From Matt Wasserlauf - Founder & CEO, Blockboard, and Jennifer Pate
Jennifer Pate, producer and host of FeelAgeless is a Webby award-winning host of a long running show Jen & Barb: Mom Life.  She now hosts a series called FeelAgeless that in 2020 was sponsored by Henkel.  Over three episodes distributed during the pandemic, FeelAgeless' custom series "At Home with Jennifer" showed the country how to cope at home during the pandemic.  For Henkel, "At Home with Jennifer" delivered powerful KPIs including targeted reach and frequency to customers as well as driving email registrations well below the client's CPA goals.  The show was a hit for the viewers as well as the sponsor and it was all done in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BRAND INTEGRATION: There is no one better than Jennifer Pate at integrating brands into programming.  For Jen & Barb: Mom Life, Jennifer helped brands such as Chrysler, Kraft, J&J and Coca-Cola weave their products into her show.  For Henkel, Jennifer integrated Renuzit and All Liquid Detergent into the At Home with Jennifer as well as promoting a laundry machine and dryer giveaway sweepstakes with powerful results.

The Prank Consultants

The king of inspiring pranks, Stuart Edge, teams up with Hollywood’s top hidden-camera specialists (including KP Anderson, showrunner/EP of THE SOUP with Joe McHale) to help contestants play next-level practical jokes on their family and friends in the ultimate prank competition.

Check out a reference video here.

THE PRANK CONSULTANTS brings together some of the very best from both traditional Network Television and Digital Native first movers to make something unique that appeals to a broad yet specific audience - everyday people looking to do something fun and adventurous in a time that prevents them from living as big as they'd like. We're most interested in a financing partner that will give us the backing needed to make the show a success while also working hand in hand with our creative team to instill the show with their Brand's Ethos. The business team surrounding the Creatives on this series have relationships at all the AVOD platforms and have an eye on securing a licensing deal that would bring money back on the Brand/Advertiser's investment, selling non competing ads around the content, or better yet advertising the Brand's portfolio SKU's around the Content.

Freethink Prompts

Freethink is reimagining the news for a generation that's changing the world. In 2021 we're producing and publishing 60+ stories across three series concepts with built-in distribution on Freethink and Axios. Each will feature 4-6 minute premium, brand-safe short-docs with opportunities to sponsor whole series or individual episodes. Pre-roll inventory is available along with custom integrations to feature brand stories. Seeking brand sponsors.

Challengers - Join us as we meet the entrepreneurs behind the headlines who are taking on some of the world's biggest problems with their bold visions for the future.

Hard Reset - Change is hard, but what if we had to? This is a show about rebuilding the world from scratch and reimagining everything from first principles.

Just Might Work - Many innovations seem crazy...until they don't. Let's explore surprising solutions to the world's most vexing problems.

Breaking Trail

During the darkest days of Covid-19, Emily Ford began a 1,200 mile journey through the unforgiving Wisconsin winter to become the first woman, as well as the first person of color—to thru-hike the historic Ice Age Trail in winter. Inspired by her determination, thousands of people began following her 69-day journey as Emily, and her borrowed Alaskan Husky named Diggins, toughed out freezing nights in a tent at 35 degrees below zero and encountered the unexpected kindness of strangers. The meaning of the journey deepened as Emily and Diggins’s relationship grew in trust and friendship; as well as when they encountered countless instances of “trail magic” provided by strangers who cheered them towards the finish. What started as a simple “long hike" for Emily has grown into a media phenomenon that holds deep meaning for people of color and others who rarely see themselves in the outdoor narrative, but whom Emily believes “shouldn’t be deprived of the beauty of a night under the stars.” 

This project (roughly 20-min short film) completed production in March, and is currently in post and seeks distribution this spring/summer.


Megan Weissenstein, founder of Boyish (, will share #RaiseYourVoice – a project that demonstrates the power of using your voice to create change.  

#RaiseYourVoice was initially picked up by a media company, enabling funding for five filmmakers to participate in the project.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, the project was canceled, and subsequently, so was the funding.

Boyish has now partnered with Vox Media to provide the project with a platform and built-in audience.  Together, we’re looking for a brand to support this vision.  

Choosing To See: A Blind Odyssey 

On May 17, 2021, Shawn Cheshire, a blind female Paralympian and Army veteran, will embark on an unprecedented journey to ride a single bike across the United States, coast to coast, 3900 miles. No blind athlete has ever attempted it before. Choosing to See will document this incredible test of spirit and grit while telling the multi-faceted story of an extraordinary woman, Shawn Cheshire, who chooses to live life not defined by her loss and trauma but by the power of self-belief. Join Marcus Peterzell from Passion Point Collective and Shawn Chesire to hear her story first-hand.


What does it mean to be a living ghost, a functioning member of society, but not exist on paper in one of the most powerful countries in the world? For the hundreds of thousands of Stateless people living in the United States, this is their reality. 

No country in the world to appeal to for protection. Cut off from fundamental resources. Separated from family for decades. 
This is the story of the resilient humans fighting to resolve their statelessness, with themes of challenge, identity, belonging, communication, human rights, and ultimately the power of community and the possibility of change in the United States and across the world.