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Facebook Presents: Designing for Community & Culture in a Mobile-First World

Live on Zoom - August 12th at 12:00PM PST

Marcus Peterzell


Passion Point Collective

Diego de Oliveira


Creative Digital Strategies

Theo Rocha

Director of Creative Shop

LATAM at Facebook

Available next day on YouTube 

Previous Streams

Original Production in a Pandemic


Hosted by


  • Ty Braswell, Founder, Creative Digital Strategies



  • Jennifer Pate, Jen & Barb Mom Life

  • Matt Wasserlauf, CEO & Founder, Blockboard

  • Ken Krasnow, VP, Omnichannel Marketing, Henkel N.A.

DSC_9135 (2).jpg

Now is the Time for Innovation in Live Events

Hosted by

  • Ty Braswell, Founder, Creative Digital Strategies



  • Rich Thomas, Vice President of Communications, Culture & Content, Insomniac Events

  • Heather Shaw, Founder & CEO, Vita Motus

Rich Thomas Profile Pic.JPG
heather shaw color.jpg

Charles Schwab's Secret to Filmmaking

Brian Newman.jpg

Hosted by


  • Brian NewmanFounder, Sub-Genre



  • Ben Proudfoot, Founder & CEO, Breakwater Studios

  • Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Brand Activation, Charles Schwab

ben proudfoot.jpg

The Lighter Side of Gaming: Comedy and Community

Dean Takahashi.jpg

Hosted by


  • Dean TakahashiLead Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat



  • Fiona Nova, Achievement Hunter Content Creator, Rooster Teeth

  • Jason DeMarco, Senior Vice President and Creative Director On-Air, Adult Swim

  • Jennifer Wiener, VP, Strategic Brand Partnerships, Fullscreen

  • Nicole Nazarenus, SVP Account Director, GREY New York

Fiona Nova Headshot.jpg
Jason DeMarco Headshot.jpg
Nicole Nazarenus Headshot.jpg

The Highs and Lows of Marketing in an Always-On Cycle

Danielle Dardashti.png

Hosted by


  • Danielle DardashtiFounder & CEOdash. branded content



  • Jill Cress, VP Consumer Marketing, PayPal

  • James Namude, Director, Global Sponsorships, Brand USA

  • Alison (Ali) Payne, Vice President Marketing Mexican Beer Portfolio, HEINEKEN

  • Rich Latour, Global Head of Content , BlackRock

Jill Cress.jpg
James Namude.jpg
Alison Payne.jpg
Rich Latour.jpg

Audience Segmentation and the Gamer Personas

Dean Takahashi.jpg

Hosted by


  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat



  • ShakeDown2012, Gaming Creator & Entertainer

  • Jennifer Dill, VP esports, Turner Sports

  • Kiko Restrepo, Sr. Director of Strategy Fullscreen

  • Tac Anderson, Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Twitch Prime

Jennifer Dill.jpg
Kiko Restrepo.jpg
Tac Anderson.jpg

Affecting Change in Advertising & Marketing Right Now

Edward Cotton.jpg

Hosted by


  • Edward Cotton, Creative Strategist



  • Jabari Hearn, Lyft

  • Catherine D. Henry, Palpable Media

  • Donnovan Andrews, Overture Global

  • Marla Kaplowitz, 4A’s

Jabari Hearn.jpg
Catherine D Henry.jpg
Donnovan Andrews.jpg
Marla Kaplowitz.jpg

Content - Focus on moving from NOW to WHEN

Kaaren Whitney-Vernon.jpg

Hosted by


  • Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, SVP, Branded Entertainment, Shaftesbury



  • Jenn Kuzmyk, Executive Director, Banff World Media Festival, Playback

  • Heather Ritchie Head of Campaign Strategy and Executive Producer of Futurithmic, Nokia

  • Catherine Winder, CEO & Partner, Wind Sun Sky & Skybound North Entertainment 

Jenn Kuzmyk.jpg
Heather Ritchie.jpg
Catherine Winder.jpg

Scripting The Ad - with Synchrony Bank

Tim Nudd.jpg

Hosted by


  • Tim Nudd, Editor in Chief, The Clio Awards



  • Morgan Cooper, Director

  • Cindy Weisskopf Managing Director, Brand, Promotions & Advertising Leader, Consumer Banking Synchrony Bank

  • Sam Pezzullo Producer & Programmer, Tribeca X (Tribeca Film Festival)

Morgan Cooper.jpg
Cindy Weisskopf.jpg
Sam Pezzullo.jpg

Docs & Brands in a New Streaming World

Brian Newman.jpg

Hosted by


  • Brian Newman, Founder Sub-Genre



  • David Charles Rodrigues, Filmmaker & Creative Director

  • Rupert Maconick, Founder and Executive Producer Saville Productions

  • Lowell Shapiro, Founder & Partner Doc Box & Black Box Management

David Charles Rodrigues.jpg
Rupert Maconick.png
Lowell Shapiro.png

The Future of Production

Haley Geffen.jpg

Hosted by

  • Haley Geffen, Filmmaker + Co-Founder, Co_ed Studios


  • Nick Dodet, Co-Founder + Managing Partner, P.I.G China

  • Kris Walter, Director of Production + Content, PVH Corporation 

Nick Dodet.png
Kris Walter.jpg

The Brand-Publisher Partnership for Purpose

Fara Warner.jpg

Hosted by

  • Fara Warner, Award Winning Journalist & Digital Media Expert


  • Erica Osher, VP, NPR Sponsorship Products & NPM Creative, National Public Media

  • Stephanie Chang, Editorial Director, The Trust | Wall Street Journal Custom Content

  • Aaron Tabas, Head of Creative Strategy at Vox Media, Inc.

  • Ben James, Head of Creative, T Brand, The New York Times

Erica Osher.png
Stephanie Chang.jpg
Aaron Tabas.jpg
Ben James.jpg

Unusual Times Lead to Fascinating Content, Viewership, and Marketing Trends

Zach Alter.jpg

Hosted by

  • Zach Alter, VP, Strategic Accounts at Jukin Media


  • Nobles Crawford, Senior Media Manager – Hygiene and Home, Reckitt Brands

  • Alysha Yuille, VP, Director, Content, Carat

Nobles Crawford.png
Alysha Yuille.jpg

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: The True Story of Brands Telling True Stories

Heidi Collins.jpg

Hosted by

  • Heidi Collins, CEO/Co-Owner Thomas & Edwards Group


  • Robin Bennefield, Editorial Director, Marriott Creative and Content Marketing

  • Megan Wells, Award Winning Director, Filmmaker & Content Creator

  • Angela Matusik, Head of Corporate Brand, Content & Creative HP

Robin Bennefield.jpg
Megan Wells.jpg
Angela Matusik.jpg

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: NBA2K League & Brand Partnerships

Hosted by

  • Brian Kamenetzky, Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic


  • Lindsay Ullman, Head of Business Development NBA 2K League

  • Matt Adren, Head of Content & Media, NBA 2K League

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Brands on TikTok during Social Distancing

Hosted by

  • Dave Rosner, Head of Marketing, Collab


  • Sam Christie, West Lead, Brand Partnerships, TikTok

  • Tressie Lieberman, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Off-Premise, Chipotle

  • Jane Ko, VP Marketing, eos

  • Eric Jacks, CSO, Collab

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Gen Z & How COVID-19 has changed their lives

Hosted by

  • Chris Stefanyk, Head of Brand Partnerships, Wattpad


  • John Gates, VP Content Director, Digitas North America

  • Ava McCartney, Director, Content Marketing, Tinder

  • Reilly Parkhill, Student at University of Missouri-Columbia

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Navigating esports in 2020

Hosted by

  • Brian Kamenetzky, Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic


  • Marc Patterson, CEO, Connected Realm Entertainment • Head of Esports & Gaming, L.A. Venture Association 

  • John Carle, VP, Strategy & Business Development, BEN

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: How to Produce When Crews Are Grounded

Hosted by

  • Wendy Shay, Managing Director, Team Win Studios


  • Jessica Burns, VP Brand Marketing & Creative, Grubhub

  • Brendon Mulvihill, SVP, Head of Licensing, Jukin Media

  • Matthew Doell, Head of Creative, Harry & David Brands

  • Jason Zada, Director

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Purpose + Action During & After the Global Pandemic

Hosted by

  • Fara Warner, Author & Journalist


  • Andrew Strickman, SVP, Head of Brand & Chief Creative at®

  • Dina Cappiello, EVP & Editorial Director, Group Head Editorial & Media Strategies, Edelman D.C.

  • Brian Newman, Founder, Sub-Genre

  • Edward Cotton, Creative Strategist

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Sports are Cancelled - Storytelling Isn't

Hosted by

  • Brian Kamenetzky, Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic


  • Brad Griffiths, Senior Director, Sports Marketing, The Marketing Arm

  • Nate Houghteling, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Portal-A

Nate Houghteling.jpg

Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Reexamining Career Paths

Hosted by

  • Rick Parkhill, Co-Founder & Director, Brand Storytelling


  • Megan Finnerty, Senior Director and Founder, Storytellers Brand Studio

  • Marcus Peterzell, Founder, Passion Point Collective

  • John McCarus, Founder & President, Content Ink

  • David Beebe, Founder & CEO, STORIFIED

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