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Complex Brand Storytelling with Intel and Intuitive

Hosted by

  • Ty Braswell, Founder, Creative Digital Strategies



  • Brett Lyons, Director of Marketing Strategy, Intel Sports

  • Sharon Patin, Director, Brand Strategy, Intuitive

  • Ben Hess, Senior Executive Producer, Intuitive

  • Mike Wood, Director, Freethink

  • Taylor Hamilton, Director, Freethink

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Influencer Marketing in the midst of Social Distancing

Hosted by

  • Andrew Parkhill, Creative Director, Brand Storytelling



  • Matthew Patrick, Matpat, The Game Theorists

  • John Carle, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, BEN


Facebook Presents: Designing for Community & Culture in a Mobile-First World

Hosted by

  • Marcus Peterzell, CEO, Passion Point Collecive



  • Diego de Oliveira, Creative Industry Lead at Facebook & Instagram

  • Theo Rocha, Director of Creative Shop LATAM

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Original Production in a Pandemic

Hosted by


  • Ty Braswell, Founder, Creative Digital Strategies



  • Jennifer Pate, Jen & Barb Mom Life

  • Matt Wasserlauf, CEO & Founder, Blockboard

  • Ken Krasnow, VP, Omnichannel Marketing, Henkel N.A.

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Now is the Time for Innovation in Live Events

Hosted by

  • Ty Braswell, Founder, Creative Digital Strategies



  • Rich Thomas, Vice President of Communications, Culture & Content, Insomniac Events

  • Heather Shaw, Founder & CEO, Vita Motus

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Charles Schwab's Secret to Filmmaking

Hosted by


  • Brian NewmanFounder, Sub-Genre



  • Ben Proudfoot, Founder & CEO, Breakwater Studios

  • Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Brand Activation, Charles Schwab

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The Lighter Side of Gaming: Comedy and Community

Hosted by


  • Dean TakahashiLead Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat



  • Fiona Nova, Achievement Hunter Content Creator, Rooster Teeth

  • Jason DeMarco, Senior Vice President and Creative Director On-Air, Adult Swim

  • Jennifer Wiener, VP, Strategic Brand Partnerships, Fullscreen

  • Nicole Nazarenus, SVP Account Director, GREY New York

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The Highs and Lows of Marketing in an Always-On Cycle

Hosted by


  • Danielle DardashtiFounder & CEOdash. branded content



  • Jill Cress, VP Consumer Marketing, PayPal

  • James Namude, Director, Global Sponsorships, Brand USA

  • Alison (Ali) Payne, Vice President Marketing Mexican Beer Portfolio, HEINEKEN

  • Rich Latour, Global Head of Content , BlackRock

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Audience Segmentation and the Gamer Personas

Hosted by


  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat



  • ShakeDown2012, Gaming Creator & Entertainer

  • Jennifer Dill, VP esports, Turner Sports

  • Kiko Restrepo, Sr. Director of Strategy Fullscreen

  • Tac Anderson, Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Twitch Prime

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Affecting Change in Advertising & Marketing Right Now

Hosted by


  • Edward Cotton, Creative Strategist



  • Jabari Hearn, Lyft

  • Catherine D. Henry, Palpable Media

  • Donnovan Andrews, Overture Global

  • Marla Kaplowitz, 4A’s

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Content - Focus on moving from NOW to WHEN

Hosted by


  • Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, SVP, Branded Entertainment, Shaftesbury



  • Jenn Kuzmyk, Executive Director, Banff World Media Festival, Playback

  • Heather Ritchie Head of Campaign Strategy and Executive Producer of Futurithmic, Nokia

  • Catherine Winder, CEO & Partner, Wind Sun Sky & Skybound North Entertainment 

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Scripting The Ad - with Synchrony Bank

Hosted by


  • Tim Nudd, Editor in Chief, The Clio Awards



  • Morgan Cooper, Director

  • Cindy Weisskopf Managing Director, Brand, Promotions & Advertising Leader, Consumer Banking Synchrony Bank

  • Sam Pezzullo Producer & Programmer, Tribeca X (Tribeca Film Festival)

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Docs & Brands in a New Streaming World

Hosted by


  • Brian Newman, Founder Sub-Genre



  • David Charles Rodrigues, Filmmaker & Creative Director

  • Rupert Maconick, Founder and Executive Producer Saville Productions

  • Lowell Shapiro, Founder & Partner Doc Box & Black Box Management

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The Future of Production

Hosted by

  • Haley Geffen, Filmmaker + Co-Founder, Co_ed Studios


  • Nick Dodet, Co-Founder + Managing Partner, P.I.G China

  • Kris Walter, Director of Production + Content, PVH Corporation 

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The Brand-Publisher Partnership for Purpose

Hosted by

  • Fara Warner, Award Winning Journalist & Digital Media Expert


  • Erica Osher, VP, NPR Sponsorship Products & NPM Creative, National Public Media

  • Stephanie Chang, Editorial Director, The Trust | Wall Street Journal Custom Content

  • Aaron Tabas, Head of Creative Strategy at Vox Media, Inc.

  • Ben James, Head of Creative, T Brand, The New York Times

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Unusual Times Lead to Fascinating Content, Viewership, and Marketing Trends

Hosted by

  • Zach Alter, VP, Strategic Accounts at Jukin Media


  • Nobles Crawford, Senior Media Manager – Hygiene and Home, Reckitt Brands

  • Alysha Yuille, VP, Director, Content, Carat

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: The True Story of Brands Telling True Stories

Hosted by

  • Heidi Collins, CEO/Co-Owner Thomas & Edwards Group


  • Robin Bennefield, Editorial Director, Marriott Creative and Content Marketing

  • Megan Wells, Award Winning Director, Filmmaker & Content Creator

  • Angela Matusik, Head of Corporate Brand, Content & Creative HP

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: NBA2K League & Brand Partnerships

Hosted by

  • Brian Kamenetzky, Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic


  • Lindsay Ullman, Head of Business Development NBA 2K League

  • Matt Adren, Head of Content & Media, NBA 2K League

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Brands on TikTok during Social Distancing

Hosted by

  • Dave Rosner, Head of Marketing, Collab


  • Sam Christie, West Lead, Brand Partnerships, TikTok

  • Tressie Lieberman, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Off-Premise, Chipotle

  • Jane Ko, VP Marketing, eos

  • Eric Jacks, CSO, Collab

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Gen Z & How COVID-19 has changed their lives

Hosted by

  • Chris Stefanyk, Head of Brand Partnerships, Wattpad


  • John Gates, VP Content Director, Digitas North America

  • Ava McCartney, Director, Content Marketing, Tinder

  • Reilly Parkhill, Student at University of Missouri-Columbia

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Navigating esports in 2020

Hosted by

  • Brian Kamenetzky, Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic


  • Marc Patterson, CEO, Connected Realm Entertainment • Head of Esports & Gaming, L.A. Venture Association 

  • John Carle, VP, Strategy & Business Development, BEN

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: How to Produce When Crews Are Grounded

Hosted by

  • Wendy Shay, Managing Director, Team Win Studios


  • Jessica Burns, VP Brand Marketing & Creative, Grubhub

  • Brendon Mulvihill, SVP, Head of Licensing, Jukin Media

  • Matthew Doell, Head of Creative, Harry & David Brands

  • Jason Zada, Director

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Purpose + Action During & After the Global Pandemic

Hosted by

  • Fara Warner, Author & Journalist


  • Andrew Strickman, SVP, Head of Brand & Chief Creative at®

  • Dina Cappiello, EVP & Editorial Director, Group Head Editorial & Media Strategies, Edelman D.C.

  • Brian Newman, Founder, Sub-Genre

  • Edward Cotton, Creative Strategist

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Sports are Cancelled - Storytelling Isn't

Hosted by

  • Brian Kamenetzky, Host of ESPNLA 710, Writer at The Athletic


  • Brad Griffiths, Senior Director, Sports Marketing, The Marketing Arm

  • Nate Houghteling, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Portal-A

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Brand Storytelling Live Streams: Reexamining Career Paths

Hosted by

  • Rick Parkhill, Co-Founder & Director, Brand Storytelling


  • Megan Finnerty, Senior Director and Founder, Storytellers Brand Studio

  • Marcus Peterzell, Founder, Passion Point Collective

  • John McCarus, Founder & President, Content Ink

  • David Beebe, Founder & CEO, STORIFIED

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