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Sundance 2023: The Same and Different

Angela Matusik, Founder, A.M. Stories

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It’s impossible for me to attend the Sundance Film Festival and not see the ghosts of my career as an entertainment journalist around every turn. That’s the hotel where I interviewed Al Pacino in the lobby. That’s the Main Street corner where we housed the first-ever portrait studio, with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and a large format Polaroid. That’s the shuttle stop where I hopped on a bus with John Waters.

I’ve just returned from my 12th Sundance Film Festival, which I now combine with attendance at Brand Storytelling, an adjacent conference that overlaps beautifully. Brand Storytelling, which I first joined in the summer of 2017, is an incredible community that was begun by Rick Parkhill to connect the dots between filmmaking and brand marketing. It brings together a collection of production companies, marketing leaders, agency dynamos, and media platform innovators that are committed to evolving the way brands talk about their companies, connect with audiences, and use the power of film to create a positive impact on our world. In the past few years there’s been some significant shifts in both brand funded films and the film festival itself.

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About Angela Matusik

Angela Matusik has been creating stories for global audiences for over 25 years.

Most recently, she was HP's head of corporate brand, content and creative, where she oversaw the tech leader's brand voice, identity, guidelines and master narrative. She built a team of brand journalists and designers to work with media and agency partners bringing stories of technology, innovation, impact, and creativity to life in digital, print, and films. In 2019, Matusik produced the award-winning documentary series, History of Memory, which featured true stories about people whose lives have been radically altered by one printed photograph. And in 2020, she produced Dear Future Me -- a short documentary about growing up, education, and hope in the time of COVID. Mostly recently she completed work on Generation Impact, winner of the 2022 Shorty Impact award for a branded series. She also steered the relaunch of HP’s Innovation magazine, which has received awards of excellence in design and content.

Prior to joining HP, Matusik developed brand content for entertainment, media, and fashion companies big and small, including Focus Features, Global Brand Group, Olivela, and more. She brings over two decades of media experience to the table, after working as an editor, writer, and digital leader at brands like People, NBCUniversal and InStyle. At InStyle, she worked first a magazine editor and writer, then later in 2015, steering its digital footprint through a phase of extraordinary growth.

Originally from Niagara Falls, NY, she currently lives with her family in New Jersey, just outside of New York City.


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