Social Media and College Sports: A Lucrative Combo in Brand Storytelling

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, October 27th at 12:00PM PST


The NCAA had long barred athletes from making money off their name, image and likeness. The rule was struck down on June 21 when the Supreme Court decided against the NCAA setting off a flurry of brand deals totaling many millions of dollars from video game platforms, clothing, beverages, fast-food brands and more.

In this panel we will discuss how brands, agencies, publishers, and athletes are navigating the space and the opportunity for brands to tell their story with a new class of talent.



Gabe Gordon


The Reach Agency

Gabe Gordon is a social content innovator. As a Co-Founder of Reach Agency, he established the company in 2012 as a new type of agency created for digital video storytelling. Its underlying mission is to engage brands with a social generation.

With 17 years of global experience, Gabe’s comprehensive marketing expertise spans influencer, social media, strategy, and entertainment. He’s a seaso