Passion Point Collective’s Brand Film Success - Q&A with Founder Marcus Peterzell

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

The Brand Film Festival US 2020 awarded brands film honors earlier this May, across multiple categories. With each passing year, brand films get better and better, appealing to larger audiences and gaining traction as entertainment beyond the brand advertising world. This is due in large part to how people perceive and receive the content in the first place. That’s where agencies like Passion Point collective come in. Passion Point clients IBM and HP took home a win each at this year’s festival, due in part to perception surrounding the films. After all, getting people to convert and press play is over half the battle.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Passion Point Collective Founder Marcus Peterzell to discuss what goes into influencing viewer perception of brand funded films and the future of the industry:

Marcus - congratulations on having IBM and HP take home wins from the Brand Film Festival. How do you feel about having Passion Point Collective listed alongside those brands as a winner?

Simply put, it’s an honor, really, especially for an agency that just celebrated its first birthday. These are iconic brands with amazing executives we are proud to call clients…there was even a 4th film that won which I started at my previous agency, so pretty amazing. This came after another one of our films “Wake Up” was an official selection at Tribeca and “History of Memory” just won a Webby as well…what a year.

In your opinion, what makes an award-winning brand funded film?

It's always about the story, that’s the thread that truly makes it a film, and that story must have an emotional arc with a payoff at the end. That’s the magic mojo you must have, you can have brilliant images, moving music, a celebrity narration, but that won’t fix a film without a story.

How important is audience perception when it comes to delineating between a piece of branded content and something more elevated like a brand-funded film? How do you help clients achieve that delineation?

Great question.