Get to Know Creative Humans: Q&A with Founder Darlene Liebman

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

Darlene Liebman is a production executive with over 20 years in the business. From film to television to technology, she knows how productions get put together.

Over the years she saw how marketers and advertisers required more and more help creating affordable and effective brand videos. She also recognized how agencies were having a difficult time with the increased requests to produce videos with smaller budgets. It was during her time at Viacom that she first began noticing the need for a database of truly talented, experienced filmmakers. 

With her unique understanding of the creative process honed from working on both sides of production, Darlene launched Creative Humans as a simple but effective way to locate the right filmmaker for any project, no matter the style, budget or location. 

Brand Storytelling caught up with Darlene to learn more about the Creative Humans model, the importance of finding the right creative support, and what's in store for the future of brand-funded content:

When did you start Creative Humans and why?

We started Creative Humans in 2017. While working at Nickelodeon I found myself as the go-to for friends in the business searching for recommendations when they needed quality freelancers and teams who could deliver really good branded content. It became apparent to me that there was a clear need in the creative media industry for a platform that would help companies find professional video creation companies and freelancers. 

Sure, there were platforms already out there, places like Mandy and Creative Circle etc., but we realized that what was lacking was a site to find curated talent and freelancers who have already been vetted and have an established track record.

While you could try and make a Google Search, the results would bring up expensive agencies, who typically aren’t interested in projects with a budget under 300K, or you would basically find a random person with a video camera and van who you really knew nothing about. Even looking for cinematographers on Vimeo wasn’t easy; you would either get zero search results or 300,000, neither of which was helpful. I knew there was a real need that wasn’t being met, and so the idea for Creative Humans was born.