Get To Know Blacktag: Q&A with Peter Jallah, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

Black creatives are often the original driving force behind the major tenets of what we call popular culture. They are at the heart of many of the trends that define what ultimately becomes mainstream, popular, and viral. However, in spite of that immense creative power, the very same creators are often left out of the mix when creative power transitions to economic power. So often, trends are co-opted and commodified in such a way that they put distance between revenue related to said trends and the individuals who originated them.

Enter Blacktag, a company seeking to build a modern platform that serves Black audiences globally and redirects billions in ad spend to Black creators. With their sights set on promoting economic and creative power for Black creators, Blacktag is intent on positioning brands to gain more effective culturally-minded campaigns that not only multiply returns, but to empower creators artistically and economically. The result? Content that is authentic, in tune with popular culture, and most importantly, comes directly to the public from its original creative sources.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Peter Jallah (Director, Strategic Partnerships) to learn more about Blacktag on the day of the launch of their flagship film “Black Art is Black Money”:

Thanks for connecting Peter. For starters - how do you define Blacktag?