Every Game is a Home Game: Q&A with Pepsi's Kyle Lazarus

Jordan Kelley, Content Director, BrandStorytelling.tv

Die-hard Steelers fans the Dougherty family

For many fans, stadiums are home. For the NFL's 2020 season kickoff, Pepsi wanted to tell the story of what happens to fans when home is no longer a place they can go. Pepsi teamed up with Ryan Shazier to surprise Steelers season ticket holders the Dougherty's with their real seats from the stadium. Brand Storytelling caught up with the Pepsi brand's Director of Equity and Culture Communications Kyle Lazarus to learn more about this piece of heartwarming and timely content:

How did Pepsi connect with the Steelers to pursue this storytelling opportunity?

The brand has a great relationship with the Steelers. The Made for Football Watching campaign, and by extension, the Every Game is a Home Game short film, is all about fans for whom football is an integral part of their lives. We recognized how football this year will look different for all fans, but especially for those families that are multi-generational in their love of a team. Steelers nation is a special fanbase, and we were excited to connect with the team to find the right opportunity for this idea. We were lucky to find the Dougherty family, and we were honored and humbled to be able to tell a small part of their story.

What department at Pepsi does a production like this come out of?  What does the team look like that’s responsible for the production and execution of this kind of content?

Only through seamless collaboration, communication, and team work, regardless of org charts, are projects like these possible. This story took a village across our Brand, Communications, and Sports Marketing teams in addition to our agency partners at Acceleration Community of Companies, Genesco Sports Enterprises, and VaynerMedia.

What was VaynerMedia’s role in this process?

VaynerMedia is a close and trusted partner of the Pepsi brand. We worked collaboratively with them to bring this idea to life throughout all phases of the project, from a co-authored brief, ideation, production all the way to execution.