Down to Earth with Hilton: Q&A with Carole Munroe - Senior Director, Global Consumer Communications

Jordan Kelley, Content Director,

In July, Netflix debuted a new show featuring host Zac Efron traversing the globe in search of ways to be more mindful about his own health and the health of the planet. Down to Earth with Zac Efron quickly rose in the ranks of the Netflix top 10, hitting the number one mark twice in two weeks. Efron's casual personality combined with learning to improve quality of life and the planet, set against the backdrop of stunning global locations, captured the attention of home-bound viewers whose Summer plans had been dashed by the pandemic. And while the typical viewer may have been fixated on beautiful locations like Puerto Rico, Peru, and Iceland, any brand storyteller tuning in is sure to have been taken with an entirely different aspect of the show: the seamless integration of Hilton Hotels. Brand Storytelling caught up with Carole Munroe, Senior Director, Glo