Content - Focus on moving from NOW to WHEN

Live on Zoom - Wednesday, May 27th at 1:00PM PST

Business as usual is no more. We now find ourselves in a time where some have lost everything and we are forced to connect in different ways than we are used to.  How do we cut through while still providing something of value to our customers?  The opportunities are there and now is the time to organize and collaborate for the future of content creation and production.

In this livestream, we will look to three business leaders from different industries to share their thoughts on the future of creating content, running their organizations and keeping employees/team mates mentally well and safe. Please join us for this enlightening discussion.


Discussion Topics:

  • The 7 best tips for customizing your own organization’s plan

  • What will we do differently in the “new world”

  • How will we know what works?

  • The long term possibilities


Hosted by

Kaaren Whitney-Vernon

SVP, Branded Entertainment