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Brand Storytelling 2022 Event Update

For the past year, the Brand Storytelling team has been focused on producing a “comeback” event for the Brand Storytelling community that would celebrate the tremendous work being produced by brands and connect us once again in person; A first-of-its kind brand film festival with a robust agenda and a slate of terrific films.

Winter brought the spread of the Omicron variant. In response, the Brand Storytelling team implemented safeguards and options that would best allow our guests to attend Brand Storytelling 2022. Operating in lockstep with Summit County and Sundance Film Festival, we prepared to offer onsite tests, maintain strict vaccination, booster, and mask rules for attendees, and more. Despite our best efforts, the increased presence of the Omicron variant has pushed many of the infrastructures we rely on for travel, health, safety, and more to the brink.

This decision was not made lightly. It is in the spirit of our organization to adapt by any means necessary to accommodate our incredible community. After going to great lengths to preserve the opportunity to gather in Park City with stringent safeguards, the projected risk of Omicron became too great. Case numbers simply continue to climb in Summit County and are forecasted to peak around January 19th, the day guests would begin to arrive. Between the stress on Summit County resources, the number of travel and hospitality employees quickly becoming affected, and the forecasted projections of potential transmission, it is abundantly clear that moving to a fully virtual format is our only option.

To our confirmed and potential guests, we know you share in our disappointment. However, we have the benefit of having planned a virtual component from the start. We invite all of you who planned to attend, those who pivoted away from attending for safety reasons, and even those who were previously unable to attend altogether to use a virtual pass to participate in our now fully virtual Brand Storytelling 2022.

Brand Storytelling exists to champion the best in non-interruptive advertising and to propagate the fact that storytelling is the key to unlocking hearts and minds. While we continue to look forward to the day we can return to doing this work in person, right now we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with you virtually, celebrate this community and the excellent films created by it in the safest fashion. We are so grateful to serve this community of brands, filmmakers, directors, and producers.



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