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Content Cast: Q&A with Host Eric Gray

Eric Gray is getting back to his broadcasting roots in the name of spreading the branded content gospel. After 13 years of being off the air, Gray is launching a new podcast series where each week, he will chat with brand storytelling leaders about how they are building great content brands.

We caught up with Gray to discuss his background in broadcasting, his relationship with building great content brands, and what to expect from his new brand storytelling podcast:

Can you share a bit of your background and personal connection to creating content?

I am a former sports radio producer from Dallas, Texas. I went to college at the University of North Texas and all I wanted to do was call football and basketball games on the radio. I loved the art and craft of broadcasting. I used to watch Dallas Cowboy games and turn the TV down to listen to the radio where the announcer was able to paint such a rich picture of the game. In talk radio, my job every day from 3-6pm was to create entertaining segments that keep our audience coming back, and grow ratings over time. I didn't know this at the time, but that mindset has been very valuable in my professional journey in content. My job working for brands is not much different, how can we create such rich compelling content that is relevant and builds an emotional connection with customers. I love how my background in radio had a big impact on my content philosophies.

What was the catalyst behind starting Content Cast?

In an attempt to accelerate my brands, my own skills, I have done what many have done and consumed countless books, articles, and podcasts. A few years ago I started reaching out to colleagues that are content leaders at brands I admire and are much more mature than we were. I was passionate about learning and curating knowledge to try and accelerate my thinking, our strategy, and execution. Over the years I have been able to chat with friends from Coca Cola, REI, Tastemade, Buzzfeed, YouTube, NBC Sports, Cleveland Clinic and more. I wish I had all of those chats recorded. I found the conversations to be so much fun and I thought maybe I should record these discussions in the future. This is how Content Cast was born.

What about those initial conversations that inspired you to begin do you hope to see translate to the podcast?

My hope for this podcast is still the exact thing I had in those first few discussions: I hope to learn. The one main difference now is I also hope that we help others learn. This is a space I am so passionate about, and I'm excited to be a small part of pushing the agenda of branded content and storytelling. I hope these talks uncover real tips and strategies that will help others do remarkable work, and build great content brands.

What do you want your audience to know about this podcast that they don't already know?

I want them to know that it's going to help them do great work. If you have any feedback, questions, or tips on who to interview please reach out to me. Just like in our professional work, if we are not creating content people actually want, it's a waste - so please give me all the feedback you can.


Catch the first episode of Content Cast November 1st on Apple Podcasts.


About Eric Gray

Eric Gray is Senior Director of Content Engagement at Universal Orlando Resort. In this role his team is responsible for creating brand experiences that build the brand of UO and drive always on consumer engagement. He and his team are also responsible for social media strategy and execution as well as operating the Universal Orlando Close Up Blog. Gray recently led the creative for the “This is Universal” National TV Campaign for Universal Parks and Resorts. He and his team have won multiple awards in social media, video content, influencers, and launched the Universal Social Media Engagement Center. In 2019 he started a new podcast project called, Content Cast where he interviews storytelling leaders from popular content brands. He was once retweeted by @BarackObama himself (or Obama’s team of social media interns).

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