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How to Cash in on Blockchain with VIDEO ICO, the First Full-Service Video Company

From the inventor of VINDICO technology, the video industry’s first video ad-serving system, comes the launch of a new company: VIDEO ICO, where video meets blockchain.

CEO and Founder Matt Wasserlauf is bringing to market a blockchain platform that will distribute five new programs across the company’s proprietary blockchain technology. The company will provide marketers with advertising distribution with the added security of its new and exciting proprietary blockchain platform.

To learn more, Brand Storytelling interviewed Wasserlauf on the foundations, launch, and plans for VIDEO ICO:

For the uninitiated, what is VIDEO ICO?

VIDEO ICO is where Video meets Blockchain. VIDEO ICO will deliver premium, original programming digitally across social media and OTT that is validated on blockchain.

What was the impetus behind launching VIDEO ICO?

The impetus for launching VIDEO ICO was two-fold: (1) The market need for quality originally produced digital programming and; (2) Technology that verifies and validates video content activity across social media and OTT platforms.

Can you elaborate on the value of the proprietary BlockChain platform developed by VIDEO ICO and the benefits it offers to advertisers?

The VIDEO ICO blockchain platform will track and measure all video content distribution and advertiser performance associated with that content. From the inventors of VINDICO, the video marketplace's first online video ad-serving system, comes VIDEO ICO and it's proprietary blockchain video distribution verification platform. We aim to set the market on video content distribution and shine a light on how premium video content gets delivered digitally.

What can you tell us about the slate of premium original content programming premiering on VIDEO ICO?

VIDEO ICO is premiering 5 new shows in 2019: Henry & Me, Heading Home, Ageless, WebMen and The Return of the Mensch. Henry & Me is an animated feature about a boy with cancer inspired to fight by the Yankee legends Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle as well as present day players like CC Sabathia. Heading Home is a documentary about the Israeli National Baseball team and its improbable run through the World Baseball Classic. The Return of the Mensch will follow the team as it qualifies for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Ageless is the return of Jen Pate from her successful run of webby award winning Jen & Barb: Mom Life. Ageless will target the 50+ demo with health, wealth and lifestyle advice on how to live a long, happy and healthy life. Finally, WebMen will chronicle the past 25 years in Digital Advertising and tell the amazing stories of how our amazing industry evolved to the world we all now so well now.

How will brands stand to benefit when they partner with VIDEO ICO for content and advertising distribution?

VIDEO ICO will make the digital video industry work for advertisers and make it easy for them to associate with high quality content and understand how that advertising performs against their KPIs.

What’s next for VIDEO ICO?

What's next for VIDEO ICO are the launch of these campaigns and demonstration on just how powerful the medium can be. Get ready for take off!


About Matt Wasserlauf

Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and Founder of companies like Broadband Enterprises, Torrential Inc., and now Video ICO, is a video pioneer interested in helping grow the digital video industry.

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