Setting the Social Standard: Q&A with SVP Sales Dylan Conroy

As the buzz of terms like “influencer” and “creator brand campaign” wanes, having become more commonplace and understood, curiosity around their newness is replaced by an understanding that the change is a sign of the times; influencer/creator brand deals are the new normal. Still, despite its achieving normalcy, brands are discovering firsthand that it’s difficult business striking common ground between a brand’s desired messaging and a creator’s own personal brand. That’s where a company like the Social Standard shines.

The Social Standard is in the business of partnering creators and brands on the basis that fit comes first; The brand and the creative must be a succinct aesthetic and creative match. Take, for example, their latest facilitated brand partnership between Adobe and Casey Neistat.

This week, Neistat and Adobe invited a small team of carefully selected visual creatives to participate in creating work for 368, Neistat’s new media studio and creator community designed to accelerate creator culture and grow opportunities rooted in a highly engaged audience. The team was selected via an open call to designers, filmmakers, and photographers to participate in a freelance work week developing the creative DNA of 368.

The content output of the campaign as facilitated by The Social Standard will be a series of videos on Adobe and Casey’s channels (a cumulative 11m subscribers) documenting the design process with the selected freelancers.

Brand Storytelling caught up with Dylan Conroy, Senior Vice President of Sales at The Social Standard, to learn more about the developing campaign, what it takes to work with great creatives, and the immense value of collaboration:

This looks like the beginning of something big! How did this deal get put together?

It wasn't easy, that's for sure! It required the client and me to jump on flights with less than 24 hours notice a couple of times! When you want to work with someone like Casey, you don't just fill out a form on a website or send a DM on instagram. It took a lot of back channeling through relationships with other creators that are friends. Once we piqued initial interest, we had to build out a program that aligned with his brand and what is going on in his world. We saw what he was doing with 368, trying to build a physical space and a community that fosters collaboration for creators in NYC. That aligned closely with Adobe's goals of inspiring creativity. It was a great baseline for a partnership.

What makes Casey Neistat a good fit for Adobe in The Social Standard’s eyes?