Mapping The Trails: Reach Agency’s Gabe Gordon Discusses Elevate's 'Invest' Trail

Last year’s Brand Storytelling Summer Event saw a collection of storytellers from brands, agencies, and creative companies all come together to further solidify the standards and practices surrounding the burgeoning business of telling brand stories. The different panels and discussions were lovingly labeled “trails”, given the summer weather and natural setting in stunning Deer Valley, Utah.

This year, we’ll be looking in depth at these “trails” ahead of time with our metaphorical trail guides, those who will lead the stage panels at Elevate 2018. Today we’re mapping the first trail with our first designated guide Gabe Gordon, Co-founder of Reach Agency. We sat down with Gabe to have him take us through what to expect out of Elevate Trail 1.


Hi Gabe. Happy to have you back for another year of Elevate. What can yo