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This Week in Brand Storytelling

It's 'Food, Not Boobs' in Carl's Jr. and Hardees' Brand Refresh

Our tip of the day; invest 3 minutes and 16 seconds in watching this film by 72andSunny. Carl’s and Hardee’s has famously exploited “babes in bikinis eating hamburgers” for over a decade. Remember the Paris Hilton spot that concludes with her signature phrase, “that’s hot?”

Now, Carl’s and Hardee’s are letting us know that those days of bikinis and burgers are behind them. This hilarious film introduces two fictional characters: Carl Hardee Sr. and Jr. This film lays the foundation for many stories to come and if they are as funny as this one, burger fans everywhere will be watching.



The Panel at SXSW you needed to see

Last week we made the observation that SXSW didn’t offer much for brand storytellers, but this panel sure did. Featuring Rupert Maconick, Executive Producer, Saville Productions, Martin Campbell, Film Director (Casino Royale, Golden Eye) and Tom Garzilli, CMO, Brand USA, these guys examine how brands are finding marketing efficiencies by funding feature length films.

Mr. Maconick, who produced the Netscout-funded film Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, shared some math with the audience that is sure to get brands excited about being in the film business. Lo and Behold, produced for $2 million, was sold at Sundance, which paid Netscout back a portion of their investment and continues to produce revenue and viewership. Sounds like a win-win-win for Netscout.



Crayola will Retire a Color in Times Square

Honest. They will. And, it’s a BIG story. Just Google “CRAYOLA” and you will see how many news sources are covering this story. It’s (to steal a phrase) H-U-G-E!

This story is playing out on social media and will be live tomorrow in Times Square. Look for Crayola to milk this one for weeks to come. What will happen to the 24 Crayon Box? Will it be 23 colors? What color will get retired? Why? What will replace it. These are, well… HUGE questions that Crayon fans must have answered. Follow the story – it’s an imaginative and colorful one!


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