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How to use Optimized Storage in macOS

Optimized storage requires Apple's iCloud service to use one of its features. Apple offers 5GB of free iCloud Drive storage with an Apple ID so you can take advantage of optimized storage. Prices for iCloud storage are as follows: 5 GB free; 50 GB for $1 per month; 200 GB for $3 per month; 2 TB for $10/month. It is enought for using even iphone pdf scanner.

Option 1: Empty Trash Automatically

The advantage of this option is that it is basically the same as the recently deleted folder in iOS Photos. Products last 30 days; The article will be deleted after 30 days.

If you disable this feature, you will find that it is not possible in this interface. You can do this in the Finder preferences. In the Finder, choose Finder > Preferences, and then click Advanced. Remove the Remove items from the trash after the 30 days check box.

Option 2: Reduce Clutter

This interface allows you to browse files and find out which ones you want to delete or move to another repository. This is more efficient than opening Finder windows and browsing files. Also, note that clicking the Check Files button is the same as selecting documents from the left column.

There are several ways to view files on a Mac.

Large Files lists Mac files from largest to smallest.

Downloads show you what's in your Downloads folder.

Unsupported Applications Lists software that may not work on your Mac. Some applications use containers to share data. They often empty automatically, but you can use them to clean the tank yourself. Use the file browser to navigate the storage device. It's like viewing a Finder window in the list view.

To delete this type of file, select the file and then click Delete or Move to Trash.

Contents of the left column of the window

The items displayed in the left column are different. The content of the screen depends on how you use your Mac. For example, if you use email, you will see the Mail icon. If you use GarageBand, GarageBand appears.

In the left column is the Applications option, which provides information about some of the applications on your computer and lists them by size. When you select a program, you will see Uninstall and Uninstall icons in the Finder. Apple informed me that it tries to encourage developers to follow their standard procedures to install the app correctly. So if the developer did that, you should delete all apps purchased outside the App Store and all its components through it. . interface

This view does not show all Mac applications. There are no Apple apps in this list, although there are apps in the App Store. Most often, this type is for programs that you installed yourself from the Internet or external media.

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